What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ Student Education and Internship Mobility in Higher Education enables the students to enjoy the opportunities provided through cooperation with non-university agencies/institutions and partner universities.

It enables the students to gain work experience during their education through Erasmus+ Internship Mobility.

It organizes information meetings to enlighten the students about exchange programs.

It provides information on how to make use of overseas education and joint training opportunities within the framework of exchange programs and bilateral agreements.

It provides guidance on planning regarding the future.

With a view to enabling the students in terms of making utmost use of the partnerships within the framework of the agreements, it maintains frequent contacts with the students, with reference to new ideas, views, and solution proposals the students may bring in.

The Erasmus program encourages cooperation between universities and enables mutual exchange of students and educators throughout Europe, contributing in essence to realizing these goals through academic recognition of the studies and degrees in the countries which take part in the program, and furthering transparency.

A Europe which offers a better quality of higher education will generate better equipped graduates which meet the requirements of the business world more.

The program serves to overcome prejudices in the mutual perceptions among the peoples of Europe, through the mobility it offers.

Anyone who spent some time in an European country will naturally have an inkling for the culture and people of the country.

The students involved in the program will be able to stand on their own feet, become a part of the application process management, establish robust communications with the responsible officers of the recipient Erasmus offices in the destination countries, manage the incidents they experience, learn how to balance and make choices in terms of socialization, and develop the ability to make plans for the use of the budget provided.

The life-long learning experience initiated with the Socrates program, furthered through internship mobility within the framework of Erasmus, saw a total of 415 participants from our university enjoy benefits since our participation: 153 made use of learning mobility, 70 enjoyed teaching mobility, and 59 utilized the training mobility opportunities.

Within the framework of Internship Mobility, we have cooperations with 122 entities, enabling the direction of 150 interns at a time.

Furthermore, we have agreements with 59 universities within the framework of Learning Mobility, to make a total of 527 months of mobility available for 317 participants at any time.



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