Having granted admissions to its first class of students in 2012, TOBB ETÜ’s Biomedical Engineering department saw the graduation of that class in 2016. Marking a leading venture both in Turkey and the university, the students of the Biomedical Engineering Department got their bachelor’s degree with not only important theoretical and applied courses under the hood, but also one year of work experience thanks to the Joint Training Program. Having embarked on a professional life at multinational corporations such as Johnson&Johnson or Medtronic, or proceeded to graduate studies in leading higher education establishments in Turkey and overseas, our graduates represent the first offshoots of the branch that the department is.

To boot, the Department of Biomedical Engineering produced a valedictorian of the whole university with its first class. One of our first graduates, Hamdi Tuna Yener achieved the title valedictorian. The graduates who intend to develop solutions for medical problems, on the basis of a number of fields from basic sciences to medicine, and who embarked on a journey to realize not only their dreams but also achievements beyond their dreams in the words of our valedictorian, will contribute to the national as well as global world of science and technology while doing so.

Having been trained under the mentoring of academic staff who are experienced in a wide spectrum of specializations, the graduates have already began to make academic and technological contributions from the diagnosis of sleep apnea to the activation of EEG signals; from plasma-supported surface modification to controlled drug release using nanopore structures; from the roles genetic polymorphisms play in determining inclination to a specific disease to modeling of the process whereby flu vaccine develops resistance to drugs; from biomaterial syntheses and connective tissue regeneration to the regeneration of bone tissue using 3D printers, during the years of march towards the degree.

We are well aware that the first class of graduates will serve as a major point of reference to the years to follow, and wish them all the best in life, not to mention a successful career, voicing our complete confidence in them.