We Communicate in Turkish

In TOBB ETÜ, education and communication language is Turkish. To prevent language barrier from our students, education language is Turkish in our university. Our students can ask questions without hesitation, communicate with our faculty members easily, both Turkish and English sources are used together for our students to learn English terms as well. Our students can communicate in English easily and learn their own profession in Turkish. We implement YÖK’s 30% English Curriculum for the universities that has mandatory prep school, except for Turkish Language, also Visual Communication and Design which are %100 Turkish programs.




International Standards in Language Education

It is necessary to know English in new global word. Because of this, even though our education language is mainly Turkish, English prep school is mandatory. In total of 1.150 hours, we present the most comprehensive English Prep Program. We test our students’ level at the end of prep school with TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) that has international validity.

Foreign language learning is not purpose but a tool to raise well appointed graduates in TOBB ETÜ. As a result of this we use Turkish education and foreign language learning as qualified educational tools.

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Second Foreign Language
In the world and age we live in, international communication and relationships requires having proficiency in more than one language. Therefore, one of the TOBB ETÜ’s purposes is to make their students learn a second foreign language other than English. All of our undergraduate students choose another foreign language, as an addition the English, and take four courses about that language.

Our students can choose 8 different foreign languages such as: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

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