Prof. Dr. Güven SAK

Dear guests,

The biggest wealth for countries in today’s world is manpower. People are the most important element to maintain a sustainable success in economic growth, technological progress, social justice and internationally competitive fields. TOBB, which is the head organization of Turkish business world with its 1,300,000 members, founded TOBB ETU in 2003. Our university has launched an overall movement to train qualified individuals, who are needed by all the fields of our country.

With its strong academic staff, our university believes that raising entrepreneurs who produce authentic and universal knowledge as well as utilize know-how for the benefit of society is the most important contribution to Turkey’s future. TOBB ETU is designed as a university that educates entrepreneurial people with leading personalities. With this respect, TOBB ETU has a different place in the Turkish higher education system.

Our future, youth deserves well-equipped education and research infrastructure. I express this pride on behalf of the entire TOBB ETU family and present my respects.

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 Süleyman Hilmi  Bengi, Süleyman Hilmi Bengi Lecturer
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