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We are happy to announce that we already started working on the organisation of "Foreign Language Education Joint Festival (FLE Joint Festival): Unity in Diversity". This year we will be holding this joint festival together with Başkent University School of Foreign Languages and University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Department of Foreign Languages. It will be a closed joint festival.

We are planning to have 3 types of presentations in the festival and they are as follows: 

Talk: A 30minute session that describes what you are doing, or have done, in relation to theory and practice or that focuses on teaching materials, products or any experience related to teaching context. In addition, the topics can be related to ELT or Non-ELT areas and you can focus on professional or personal development. Its content must be of relevance, use or inspiration for delegates who work outside your institutional context. We strongly recommend that you focus on the most salient points (34 points max) of your subject matter, use visual aids during the session and include some interaction with the audience. We also request you allow adequate time for a Q&A session.

Workshop: A 45minute session which must maximise active audience participation through experiencing and discussing tasks provided by the presenter. The session can provide interactive activities in which participants share information, participate in simulations, and/or create materials and action plans. You must make clear when and how you plan to do this in your proposal abstract, for example, by giving a brief outline of activities that will involve the audience.

Poster Presentation: A summary of an academically sound, scholarly or creative project presented in a visually engaging format, highlighting work through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Proposals should include the main topic(s) and description of the visual display and the details of the project. Presenter(s) should plan on short, informative discussions with convention attendees throughout the entire poster session.

We are looking forward to receiving the proposals from TOBB ETU DFL, Başkent SFL and UTAA DFL.