The 4th grade students of the Department of Industrial Design designed Forearm Prosthesis for children as a part of the course, titled EÜT 401 Industrial Design Studio, conducted by Assistant Prof. Dr. Aydın Öztoprak and lecturer Özgür Ruhi Ülvan. The prostheses, which were designed both specifically for the hobbies, which the children could actively do, and for various purposes with a view to facilitate the activities of children in their daily lives, the prototypes of which were produced, were highly appreciated.

Our students, who have gained significant acquisitions in the fields of anatomy, production by way of 3D printer, parametric design, user researches and computer-aided design through the course of the project, which was conducted with the support of the School of Medicine, developed the first original prostheses of our country for the “Enablingthefuture” event with the support of Robotel, Ankara. We congratulate our students for this meaningful project, in which they have participated, and for their devoted work performed during the summer.

Radyo ETÜ