Fatma Zümrüt YILMAZ - Havelsan A.Ş.

Due to the pandemic, I completed my joint study as a remote student at Havelsan A.Ş. in ATÜD (RnD Technology and Product Development) in the 5G and New Generation Telecommunications Technologies Group in the 2020-2021 Fall Term. I was a member of the Havelsan Diyalog Project, which is a fully domestic and national video conferencing system, as well as the BTK (Information Technologies Institution) Core Network project group, which conducts a full domestic and national 5G project.

I had the opportunity to use Java Spring, Boot, Javascript, and React languages and libraries throughout my cooperative education. I could see how important project management and auditioning were.

I understood how crucial team cohesiveness is while being cohesive with the team in the projects I've worked on. My bosses and coworkers were always patient and willing to work with me. Cooperative education was really useful and successful for me, despite the fact that I worked away.


Orhan ONAR -  Turkcell

I finished my joint education in Turkcell Technology Firm's Corporate Network Solutions department Framework division during the 2020-2021 Fall Term.

It was simpler for me to adapt to the team because of my teammates' eagerness to help and the fact that I was working on the same project as in my prior cooperative education. During my cooperative education, I made changes to and debugging on Turkcell's Onedesk, a flow development platform. In addition, I worked on the Robotic Procedure Automation project, which automates the registry process on Onedesk. During my employment, I learned new technologies such as Vue.js, elasticsearch, and postgresql while honing my abilities in C#.net MVC, SQL, and Javascript. Being able to finish all of the assignments allocated to me during the program increased my self-esteem and made me more conscious of how far I had progressed.

I'm still working as a software developer in the same division. I am grateful to my school for providing me with this chance, as well as all of my teammates.



In the 2020-2021 Fall Term, I finished my second cooperative education as part of the STM Cyber Security and Big Data Directorate division's AI & Optimization team. During my time on the project, I got the opportunity to learn about and explore a variety of subjects.

I began by working on Data Science and learning about Turkish Natural Language Processing. I worked on projects using the Python programming language and the Zemberek library. After finishing those projects, I worked on Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, as well as their continuous integration with software. In this regard, I conducted research on MLOps. In addition, through understanding MLflow and Docker, I demonstrated to my peers how we can use them in Artificial Intelligence projects, and I generated installation documentation for usage on AI projects. Then, I studied and tested data versioning solutions like DVC and Pachyderm, as well as CI/CD tools like GoCD, Jenkins, and Travis CI, and developed a machine learning product pipeline to determine which ones may be the best solution for AI studies. Finally, I worked on NetworkX, which is suited for Graph.

Aside from the responsibilities assigned to me, I participated in a Kaggle tournament with my coworkers, giving me the opportunity to compete with my peers. During routine presentations, I also presented Turkish Natural Language Processing, Flask API, Docker Swarm, Docker Security, Kubeflow, and Pachyderm. My peers' talks gave me the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics.

During my cooperative education, I got the opportunity to experiment with and learn about a variety of new technologies. I believe that the experience I gained as a student will be extremely beneficial to me and will have a significant impact on my future employment and career. I'd want to express my gratitude to my internship supervisor, who answered all of my queries at all hours of the day and night, as well as my AI & Optimization group teammates and the TOBB ETÜ Computer Engineering family for providing me with this opportunity.