"QUAC-TRNG: High-Throughput True Random Number Generation Using Quadruple Row Activation in Commodity DRAM Chips" written by Ataberk Olgun, was published in International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) 2021. A novel approach for generating random numbers on DRAM devices was presented in the paper. After graduating from TOBB ETU's Department of Computer Engineering, Ataberk Olgun is pursuing his education at TOBB ETU. The ISCA conference is one of the most prestigious in the field of computer science.

Ataberk Olgun finished his first two co-op educations at TOBB ETU on Aselsan's national processors project. He finished his last co-op at ETH Zurich, where he worked on DRAM controllers. He did long-term research at ETH Zurich after graduating from TOBB ETU. In partnership with Rovenma, he is now working on a processor project at Kasirga Microprocessors Laboratory. From January onwards, Ataberk Olgun will continue his doctoral studies at ETH Zurich.