Norwegian company Cognite has joined the contracted businesses under TOBB ETÜ’s Cooperative Education Program. The protocol signed between the two parties will enable 2 students from the Department of Computer Engineering spend the upcoming co-op term working at Cognite in Oslo.

Bringing a different approach to the higher education in Turkey with its Cooperative Education Program, TOBB ETÜ provides all of its students nearly 1-year work experience prior to graduation which is gained by working at around 3000 contracted firms and institutions in Turkey and abroad as full time employees.

Under the Cooperative Education Program, Department of Computer Engineering has recently signed a protocol with the Norwegian data mining company Cognite.

TOBB ETÜ Students Spread the Co-op Program Around the World

TOBB ETÜ students, having been able to experience the advantages of TOBB ETÜ Cooperative Education Program at first hand, continue to benefit from the program after beginning their careers.  Explaining and promoting the program at the businesses they work both in Turkey and abroad, our graduates play an important role in the participation of these companies in TOBB ETÜ Cooperative Education Program.

One of the graduates of TOBB ETÜ Department of Computer Engineering, Burak Kara, who is currently working at Cognite as a lead software engineer, has introduced the program to his company which has led to a protocol signed between the two parties. Burak Kara coming to Turkey and having talks with TOBB ETÜ on behalf of his company, provided the process and the interviews to be completed in a short time, and the protocol to be signed.  Under this protocol, 2 students from the Department of Computer Engineering, Seçil Usta and Muhammed Ertuğrul Güngör will be working at Cognite in Oslo during the upcoming co-op term.

With its ambition to operationalize the world's best industrial brain, with the ability to ingest and process industrial data using cognitive computing, Cognite enables secure and scalable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) services through its platform. Cognite Data Platform aggregates and structures an ever-increasing source of data ranging from real-time sensor information, to maintenance logs, process diagrams and 3D models.  The Cognite Data Platform empowers experts to deploy advanced analytics models, algorithms and applications to visualize and solve real-world problems.

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