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TOBB ETU will host the First Meeting of the Koha Free and Open Library Management System Turkish Users Group on April 27.

The name comes from a Māori term for a gift.The system, which was initiated in New Zealand in 1999, is now widely used in various libraries in many countries. The number of libraries which use Koha has also been gradually increasing in Turkey, and TOBB ETU Library is one of them. The librarians from this growing user community will meet for the first time t to share their experiences. The meeting is meaningful within the context of the current trends in furthering usage of open-source software, increasing the volume of open-access research output, and developing open science to enhance effective use and sharing of resources worldwide, and is expected to lead to fruitful results.

The sponsorship of the meeting has been undertaken by the Devinim Company. Detailed information is available on the meeting website

Radyo ETÜ