Erasmus + aims to provide physical access, pedagogical and technical support, and in particular contribute to additional costs of students and staff with physical, mental or health-related special circumstances (hereinafter referred to as physically, mentally or health-related special status students and staff) that are unable to participate in in Erasmus + activities without the support of an additional grant. This is to ensure that you can fully benefit from the European Union Erasmus + mobility actions.

All higher education institutions, by signing the Higher Education Erasmus University Charter, are committed to providing equal access and opportunities to participants from all circles. For this reason, students and staff with special physical, mental or health status can benefit from all support services provided by the host institution to their local students and staff.


Additional Grant:

In addition to your regular Erasmus + training, internship or staff mobility grant for your specific access needs during your mobility, you can apply for an additional grant for students and staff with special physical, mental or health related conditions. In order to apply for Erasmus + special needs support, please indicate your special needs and any additional costs for your physical, mental or health situation as you prepare for your Erasmus + mobility period.


What are Special Needs?

Areas that may be eligible for support for the individual needs of your Erasmus + mobility include, but are not limited to: appropriate accommodation, travel assistance, medical support, support equipment, appropriate learning materials, companion, etc.


How to Apply?

Please contact the Department of External Relations Directorate or the Erasmus Coordinator of your department to assist with the application form for Erasmus + special needs support. For the outgoing students and staff, information can be obtained from the External Relations Directorate and the Unit for Disabled.

In order to make more informed choices about the institution you will perform mobility, please click here for detailed information about higher education institutions with disabled facilities and services developed by Erasmus Student Network (ESN).