Asklepios Scientific Research Community, founded by the students of the Faculty of Medicine, TOBB ETÜ, ( blazed a trail in Turkey and conducted an applied dissection course at student level. The course, titled "TOBB ETÜ Dissection Days-1/Brain Dissection", which was announced on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #BuradaDiseksiyonYapılır, was attended by some 25 students of schools and faculties of medicine from Ankara University, GATA, Gazi University, Hacettepe University, Kırıkkale University, Ufuk University and Yıldırım Beyazıt University.

The course attendees, who had previously not had the opportunity to work on a cadaver, conducted the dissection of the head of a cadaver in groups of five in line with the guidance of their peers from the Faculty of Medicine of TOBB ETÜ. During the course, they had the opportunity to examine and study the cerebral cortex, veins and sections.

#Burada diseksiyon yapılır

At the end of the course, during which the importance of working on cadaver, being one of the major deficiencies with the medical education in Turkey, in learning about human anatomy has been established and recognized once again; the course attendees provided fairly positive feedbacks. TOBB ETÜ Faculty of Medicine and Asklepios Scientific Research Community will continue organizing such applied cadaver courses as this annually on a regular basis, and so contributing to better education of the physicians of the future as a part of their understanding of social responsibility.