Mustafa Bora Arslan - Innova IT Solutions

Innova IT Solutions A.Ş. in the Sales and Contribution division, I completed my first co-op education in the 2019-20 Summer Term. Turk Telekom group companies include Innova IT. During my three-month work, I fulfilled a variety of responsibilities in several projects. I had the opportunity to learn more about how acting as a team and functioning as a team works while completing duties assigned to me by my co-op supervisor.

In the first month of my cooperative education, I was given the task of designing RSM project screen designs according to the design specification. Because the project had not yet begun, many screens were awaiting design. The project's backend was built with Java Spring Framework, and the frontend was built with ReactJS. As a result, I've been tasked with learning ReactJS and building screens in that language. I used built-in ReactJS capabilities like Props and Context. Material-UI, Prime React, and Availity Reactstrap Validation Libraries were used to create eye-candy screens.

I worked on the SKY project after finishing the screen designs. There were many things that I could deal with because it was being developed for ten years. I assisted in the debugging of major bugs produced by test software called Sonar at the request of my supervisor. I was fixed bugs and pushed commits upstream to be integrated into the main project on my own branch.

After finishing with SKY, I moved on to RSM, but this time I was involved in the creation of Jasper Reports in order to generate reports for users, as well as the integration of those reports into the project. After finishing the report designs, I completed the remainder of my cooperative education by connecting the RSM project to Sonar and fixing major and critical problems with the help of Jenkins.

The most valuable benefit of this co-op term was seeing how a project was created. I got the opportunity to learn about the importance of the tools we used in software engineering class, as well as version control systems. I'd want to express my gratitude to my school, co-op education supervisor, and Innova IT.


Serhat Gökçe – HAVELSAN

As part of my co-op training, I worked on HAVELSAN's national and domestic end-to-end 5G telecommunication core network project in the summer of 2020-2021.

As part of the project, I worked on a project that was already underway. Onboarding was one of the features on which I worked. As a result, in order to comprehend the module, I first examined RFC and 3GPP papers. After that, using the materials I reviewed as a guide, I focused on what I might bring to the project and discussed it with my supervisor and the team's system engineers. I created analysis documents as a result of those efforts, which I subsequently presented to the team's other engineers and software architects. I improved my analysis based on comments I received from software architects and other engineers on the team. Then I moved on to putting those analyses into action. I utilized the Java Spring Framework and the Spring Security package, which is Spring's own package and was designed specifically for it, to implement the analyses I conducted. In addition, I utilized Apache Ignite as database. Following the implementation of my analysis, I learned about JUnit and Mockito for testing, as well as Sonarlint and Google Formatter for code formatting and standardization in the PR process.

Furthermore, I observed how daily scrums, demo meetings, sprint planning, and task assignment work, as well as how problems are assigned to teams, and critical actions are performed in critical situations.

The co-op education I did remotely on topics I hadn't previously been familiar with, the fact that my team treated me as if I weren't an intern and treated me as a member of the team helped me adapt to the team faster, and even though co-op education was remote, they helped me with all kinds of things enabled me to have a good and efficient co-op education during this pandemic period.