About Cooperative Education Experience

Notes by the Supervisor

Mehmet Fatih Çekirdek

DAI – Labor /GT-ARC, Berlin, Germany

  • “During the cooperative education process, I developed Machine Learning models (Hidden Markov Model and Markov Chain) to enable proactive connection of the mobile users to base stations they will be connected to in the future, on the basis of their connection pattern history, within the framework of a software-defined network project. I got the chance to get a theoretical as well as practical approach to Mobile Edge Computing, Software Defined Network, Mininet Virtual Network Emulator, and OpenFlow protocol technologies. At the end of the cooperative education term, I gained valuable experience in terms of both working abroad, and training.”
  • “He quickly caught up with other researchers in our group. He worked on a specific aspect of a future research activity we plan for. Thanks to the efforts of the student, we were able to proceed with that activity earlier than we planned. We value his contributions. ... Our impression of the student is that, he’s a fire-and-forget type of guy. Just assign a task to him, and consider it done.”

Semih Süzen


  • “In my Cooperative education process, I witnessed the daily routine of the engineers working on large and complex projects, as well as the difficulties of maintaining the same level of code quality throughout. I grasped the importance of software testing. We received informative courses and applied trainings directly from the director of the testing and quality department. I developed Phyton code for simulation testing.”
  • “His work made ours easier. He contributed immensely to our efforts.”

  • “He engaged in extra work to perform his assignments as well as he can... He laid down the foundations of a test tool.”

Ayberk Halaç

Papilon Savunma-Security Systems Information Engineering

  • “I worked on virtual reality (VR) during my cooperative education activities. The project was focused mostly on remote treatment and rehabilitation systems, and I worked on the project during half the term of my internship. This project as well as others I worked on during my internship gave me the opportunity to try and implement the knowledge I acquired at school, and I also gained experience on matters which were not discussed at the school. Presentations at the end of the project, as well as meetings with at other company directors provided me insight into the seriousness of business life and the responsibilities involved.”
  • “His success in performing the assignments relieved us of part of our workload.”

  • “... he took on the assignments with the mindset of a team member rather than that of an intern; and his success in fulfilling his responsibilities was commendable.”

  • “We (already) expect the student to take a part-time job at our firm.”


Some Opinions the Firms Voiced With Respect to Our Cooperative Education Program:

  • “The friends who joined us through the Cooperative education program put their youthful energy into the mix. We, in turn, hope to have provided some guidance regarding their future decisions. ... We believe it was a very fruitful experience, for them as well as for us.”
  • “This program is beneficial to both parties. We would like to work with many more students in this context.”
  • “We think that long-term internship programs are more effective than short-term ones.”
  • “We think it is a particularly rewarding program for the students. At the same time, we enjoy the contributions of the students.”