TOBB ETÜ Department of Economics students came together on Thursday, May 30, 2024, to share their work experiences in Co-op Education. At the event, which was open to the participation of all students, our students shared their Co-Op Education experiences gained in Turkey's leading companies in many different fields, from the defense industry to the tourism and accommodation sector, from the automotive industry to the auditing and consultancy sector. The students had the opportunity to share with their friends the experiences they gained in companies, the values these experiences have provided to them, and the various networking opportunities as well. They also shared their general impressions about the companies' work areas, their vision, missions as well as the physical facilities and the work environments. The event continued with questions from the participants, allowing these first-hand experiences to help other students to chart their career paths.

Experiences of Our Students and Information About the Companies

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers): As one of the world's largest auditing and consulting firms, PwC provides global services in audit, tax consulting, and management consulting. Our student, who gained experience at this company, emphasized the importance of the Co-Op Education program in career planning and mastered the details of audit processes.

Ziraat Bankası: As one of Turkey's oldest and largest banks, Ziraat Bank offers financial solutions to its customers with its extensive service network and various banking products. Our student, who worked at the headquarters, made comparative inferences about the banking sector and expanded their sectoral knowledge.

Arçelik: As Turkey's leading home appliances and electronics manufacturer, Arçelik plays a pioneering role in the sector with its innovative products and technological solutions. Our student, who gained experience in the finance department, acquired valuable skills in financial analysis, budget management, reporting, and cost control.

Roketsan: Operating in the field of rocket and missile systems, Roketsan is a leading defense industry organization that contributes to the country's defense capacity by developing advanced technologies. Our students, who gained experience at Roketsan, learned the dynamics of the defense industry and the importance of teamwork.

TürkTraktör: As Turkey's leading manufacturer of tractors and agricultural equipment, TürkTraktör contributes to the agricultural sector with its wide product range and innovative solutions. Our students, who gained experience in the marketing and supplier development departments, had the opportunity to develop their skills in taking responsibility, decision-making, interdepartmental communication and coordination, and teamwork.

Gama Enerji: Operating in the energy sector, Gama Enerji provides services in energy production and distribution. It works on renewable energy projects and energy efficiency. Our students, who worked here, gained in-depth knowledge about the energy sector and had the chance to see financial transactions in practice.

TEPAV (The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey): TEPAV conducts research and policy development activities, publishing reports on economic and social issues. Our students gained invaluable skills in reporting, data analysis, and data visualization here.

STM (Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc.): STM enhances Turkey's defense power with its engineering and technology solutions in the defense industry. Our student, who worked at STM, emphasized the importance of communication and coordination skills by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being a social scientist in a predominantly engineering-focused workplace.

Ankara HiltonSA: As a leading company in the tourism and hospitality sector, Ankara HiltonSA offers a comfortable and luxurious accommodation experience to its guests with modern facilities. Our student, who worked in the finance department, had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice by preparing and interpreting financial statements, invoicing, and reconciliation.

Xtinge Technology: Operating in the software development sector, Xtinge Technology offers software solutions to various industries and stands out with its technological innovations. Our student shared their experiences here, discussing how having knowledge about different sectors and fields can open up job opportunities for an economics student by providing a broad perspective.

ICE (International Consulting Expertise): ICE offers international consulting and project management services, running projects in various sectors. Our student, who worked at this institution, learned to look at things from a broad perspective and developed their analytical and reporting skills.

SPM (Social Policy Center): SPM conducts research in social policy and social sciences, offering solutions to societal problems. Our students, who worked at SPM, deepened their studies on social policies and improved their data analysis skills.