Sport Facility

Our sport facility which is free to our students is built in campus. There is an olympic pool; vapor bath; sauna; massage; hairstylist; beauty and care center; studios where students can learn step, pilates and yoga by the professionals; fitness center; basketball court; and a high capacity hall which has staging and sound system enough for concerts or similar events.

Indoor Sports Facility

Our students can play basketball, volleyball, table tennis and other indoor sports, in our facility in campus. Türk Telekom Basketball Team plays Turkish Basketball League (TB1L) in our facility and students can watch these matches free of charge as they can use the facility.

Our sports center which has the longest indoor facility, hosts events such as General Assembly of TOBB.


Olympic Swimming Pool

Our 20 x 50 sized olympic swimming pool has 8 swimlanes. Students can use the facility which has locker rooms and showers in break times. There are also swimming lessons.


Fitness Center

Specialist instructors in our sports center will help you to work out healthfully with their special practices. You can work out in right way with your instructor in a comfortable and modern facility.




Vapor bath, whether it is dry or wet, is the simplest way to cleanse body from toxins. With this way pores of skin opens, millions of sweat glands starts to excrete and body throws out metabolic waste. 30% of the metabolic waste excrete with sweating.

There is always clean water circulation due to special conditioning system so that people can benefit from sauna without feeling suffocated.  

Pilates, Yoga and Others

Our fitness center’s purpose is to help our students to do sports related to their hobbies. Exercises such as yoga, pilates and other events are done with instructors and updated weekly. You can get information about weekly sport programs from our sports center.


  Weekdays Weekend
Fitness Center 11:00 – 17:00

07:00 – 10:00
19:00 – 22:00