In the 10th National Software Engineering Symposium, the paper titled "An annotation oriented software development framework for developing speech controlled mobile applications" prepared and presented by Assistant Professor Çağdaş Evren Gerede, one of our Computer Engineering Department faculty members, was selected as the best paper among 85 accepted papers. National Software Engineering Symposium is organized yearly and each submitted paper is reviewed for the acceptance decision by at least three reviewers.

Abstract: In this paper, a software framework is proposed to improve the development and maintenance of speech controlled Android applications. Nowadays the development of speech controlled software requires expertise on various technical fields and it is both an expensive and time-consuming task. Therefore, many software does not offer any speech interfaces. The proposed framework eases adding speech interfaces to existing software that has standard graphical user interfaces. Having speech interfaces in a software is essential for users with motor or vision impairments because otherwise they cannot use this software. Speech interfaces are also important for all users since any user can become temporarily disabled due to the context she is in. For instance, a driver who wants to control the car radio or her smart phone can be considered motor and vision impaired since she cannot look at the device screen and cannot use her hands freely.