Smart Cities was a common theme in the capstone projects for the year 2019-2020. We wanted computer engineering students to design projects to raise awareness about that topic among our senior students. Our students successfully finished 12 projects after six months of intense group work. We congratulate all of our students on their achievements, and wish them continued success.

This link will take you to all of the project videos.

RoadPulse: Pothole Detection on Roadways for Local Governments

Onur Albayrak, Burak Baran, Atakan Filgöz, Enes Karanfil and Umur Togay Yazar created a system named Roadpulse. The program they developed for Android systems collects photos, highways, and the surroundings from driving local government cars in this system.The program they developed for Android systems collects photos, highways, and the surroundings from driving local government cars in this system. Machine learning techniques may be used to analyze this data on both the client and server sides, and holes that need to be repaired can be automatically detected on roadways. The holes found were automatically marked on maps and sent to the qualified government personnel for further analysis. Enhancement and planning of repair processes are intended in this approach.

RecyclingSirius: Automatic Recycling Bin and Management

Rabia Arslan, Mehmet Mustafa Aymayan, Gizem Elöve, Celile Nur Ylmaz, and Enes Yüksekkolaşin developed the RecyclingSirius system to provide a less priced alternative to market competitors and to encourage people of all ages in Turkey to recycle glass, plastic, and metal beverage containers. A kiosk interface for end-users to recognize recyclable containers utilizing computer vision and barcode scanning technologies, as well as a mobile application for Android smartphones, make up this system. On the server side, tools for remote management and a tracking system for kiosks were also built.

Trawell: Smart Trip Planner

Soner Say, Berkay Uğur Şenocak, Serhat Ömer Yavuzyiğit, and Muhammed Said Zengin developed Trawell, a social network for city residents who want to visit a neighboring city. Trawell takes into consideration travelers' time, money, interests, and places to provide alternative trip ideas. Users can request a travel plan from the system via a web application or a mobile application on this platform. By scanning them on the internet, the system automatically offers users with tourist attractions, accommodation, road conditions, concerts, and festivals in that city.


Other Projects



Plantivity: Trip Planning Application

Utku Erden, Ahmet Utku Kurt, Salih Doruk Şahin, Berk Utku Yenisey, Alper Kaan Yıldız

Communica-p-tion: Museum Assistant

Beyza Altuntaş, Semih Çatal, Dilara Doğan, Ali Güngör, Tuba Nur Yıldız

ViewMagnet: Smart Billboard

Enes Çakır, Burak Koç, Alper Öner, Berkay Yıldız

CarTOBBu: Smart Campus Parking System

Tuna Akyürek, Ayça Gürleyik, Melih Mete, Aslı Ural, Ediz Uslu

BikePass: Bike Rental Platform

Berkay Ataeli, Dilan Doğan, Ali Berk Sığın, Mustafa Said Tozluoğlu, Mustafa Ünal

Touricity: City Trip Planning

Furkan Dinç, Beyzanur Genç, Yaşar Can Kakdaş, Hüseyin Batuhan Uluçay

SmartEFF: Smart Energy Consumption Management for Offices

İpek Akova, Erhan Eker, Deniz Güner, Toygar Koca, Erhan Baturay Onural, Deniz Öner

Zoologicalfooding: Smart Food Bowl

Muharrem Tolga Acar, Barış Önen, Şükran Güler Saygılı, Onur Tetik

PaxCity: Application for Social Security and Immediate Support

Merve Akıncı, Utku Aysev, Deniz Beştepe, Bilgesu Bük, Deniz Gümüş