This year 85 team participated at ACM-ICPC SEERC 2016 (Southeastern Europe Regional Contest, ) regional contest; almost half joined from Romania site and the other half from Ukraine site.  TOBB ETU team, coached by Assoc.Prof.Dr Osman Abul and with team members Mustafa Erdem Kirez, Onur Yıldız and Mehmet Murat Akburak from computer engineering department, scored third at Romania site and sixth at Romania+Ukraine together(SEERC). This is a historic success since this is the first time that a Turkish team scored within first ten in the last ten years.

Our team’s next year’s objective is to rank within first three and become the first Turkish team qualifying to participate at ACM-ICPC World championships. 

 What is ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest)?

ACM ICPC ( ), dating back to 1970, is the most prestigious programming contest among university students. Over 14.000 teams (over 40.000 students) from 2.736 universities worldwide participated at 2016 edition of ACM ICPC. Teams first compete within their regions and highest scoring teams qualify to participate at World championships, where about 130 teams compete each year. 

There are 10 countries in the SEERC region (Southeast Europe), where Turkish teams are allowed to participate: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Israel, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.