Preliminary Exam

All the students registered at the university are to take the proficiency exam.  In this exam, students are evaluated on their grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension and listening comprehension skills. In this exam, there are three components:

  • Listening (60 questions/50 minutes),
  • Structure (40 questions/40 minutes),
  • Reading (25 questions/30 minutes).

Proficiency Exam

Students who pass the Preliminary Exam with a score of 65 are permitted to take TOEFL ITP. In this exam, there are three components:

  • Listening (50 questions/40 minutes),
  • Structure (40 questions/25 minutes),
  • Reading (50 questions/55 minutes),

Those candidates who get 500 and above (550 and above for students of the English Language and Literature Department) are eligible to take departmental courses. 


Students who do not get a passing score on the TOEFL ITP test must attend classes in the prep school. They are placed in different levels based on their performance on the preliminary qualifying exam and TOEFL ITP test scores. 

Preparatory Class Absenteeism

Students should not exceed the limit of absenteeism which corresponds to 10% of the total time spent in classes taught in a semester. This limit could be increased to 20% of classes provided a health-committee report or a death report of first degree relatives is received.

In order attend TOEFL ITP at the end of the semesters, students should not exceed the limit of absenteeism and should have 65/100 GPA.

Students of departments in which the medium of instruction is Turkish may directly pass to their departments or choose to attend Preparatory class. (e.g., Turkish Language and Literature, and Visual Communication Design)



These centres, located in room 212 on the second floor and in room 313 on the third floor, seek to provide supplementary materials for students of English. In the Self-Access Centres, the students find an opportunity to do extra activities and/or exercises with the help of an instructor. The centres are open between14.40pm-17:00pm on weekdays (except for Fridays).

There the students can obtain;

  • Printed materials
  • Books
  • Dictionaries
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Games
  • Picture cards


This is a room where the students can have access to novels, story books, animes, comic books, movies etc. All our students can visit this room anytime from 9.00 to 17.00 on weekdays. In case of need of assistance with the materials, they can get help from the secretary. 

In this room the students can have access to;

  • * books * puzzles
  • * games * novels
  • * CDs and DVD * magazines


C.A.L.L. stands for Computer Assisted Language Learning. During one school year, all the students have to do online components of the course books they are studying. These online programs are part of their overall grades. To do these online courses, all students have to obtain an access code and register in their online classrooms. The online programs we are currently doing are;

- Reading Explorer                                                          -Language Leader

- Focus on Grammar 5 Interactive                           - Pathways

- English Central                                                             

- Life

Extracurricular Activities for Students

Students are expected to participate in the following activities in order to enhance their communicative abilities and to get extra credits to complete their portfolio, which will be evaluated twice a term.

  • Movie Club
  • Conversation Club
  • Glee Club/ Dance Club
  • Board Games
  • Karaoke
  • Philosophy Club