"Garaj", which was established within the organization of our University and commenced its activities in 2012, offers the students to become entrepreneurs before that actually graduate from the school. It is the concept of "Garaj" to accept the candidates, who have never before been engaged in entrepreneurship activities but pose a high entrepreneurship potential. "Garaj" offers such candidates business opportunities and introduces them to professionals. It provides them with trainings as to how to do business, and enables them to join the business world when they attain the adequate level of maturity and their time found their start-ups comes.

"Garaj" provides students and young entrepreneurs with free office space, infrastructure, design and mentor support in order to support their projects based on information and communication technologies (preferably web- and mobile-based software projects and Internet start-ups). The students and young entrepreneurs are assisted in their start-up projects at all stages from the idea development to the guidance for procurement of funding for commercialization purposes.