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ArfBot Game Programming Competition 2021 is open for entries.

In 2021, the TOBB ETU Technology Transfer Office, GARAJ Incubation Centre, will host a Game Programming Competition in collaboration with All children aged 8 to 14 who live in the Republic of Turkey are eligible to participate. The Competition has no entry cost and is open to anybody. Only one game can be submitted by each contestant.

This link will take you to the "Competition Document" which contains information on ArfBot and the competition.


What is ArfBot? is an intelligent search engine created just for children. ArfBot's artificial intelligence ensures that it always teaches, entertains, and provides fascinating and secure results. ArfBot can detect inappropriate content
 for children and does not impose repressive controls on internet use by only providing appropriate results to children.

On the internet that is exclusively fit for adults, it is difficult for a youngster find appropriate content. Rather of givig them boring sites, Arfbot provides them results that they like. ArfBot, in a nutshell, represents a safe internet.