Dreamstalk is an organization set up to encourage people to dream. Operating as a student club at numerous universities, this imagination platform tries to learn about the dreams of people, and to make them come true, to the extent possible. TOBB ETÜ Dreamstalk Club, in its turn, sets up its booth at various events held at TOBB ETÜ, and collects dreams. The booth they set up at the LevelUp event received a submission by a dreamer, about her wish to see lavender gardens. Thereafter, TOBB ETÜ Dreamstalk proceeded with excitement to make that dream come true as the first achievement of the club.


Aware of my passion for photography, my friends invited me along to take shoots of this dream journey. That is how this beautiful excursion began with a team of 6 including me: Dreamer Ayşe (Ayşe noted this title to be the most beautiful address she had ever heard), Elif, Ekin, Gözde, and Şebnem from TOBB ETÜ Dreamstalk team, and yours truly, the official photographer of the excursion.

Having taken the road on the night connecting the 22nd of July to 23rd, the team reached Keçiborlu before sunrise. After a brief fuss about the directions, we made it to Kuyucak Village with the help of cab driver Olcay. In order to see the sunrise at lavender fields, we did not waste any time, and witnessed the earliest lights of the day smelling that precious lavender scent while watching an amazing view worthy of photographs. Yet another marvelous sight was the happy face of Ayşe, whose dream came true.

Once the family diner next to the field we were in was opened, we had our breakfast there. Then we climbed on top of the tractor owned by that family, to discover the rest of the village.

We tasted lavender ice cream with the 8 years old member of the family, Mustafa, as our guide. We also enjoyed the company of donkeys, witnessed the operation of a rose boiler, and discovered the process of making rose and lavender oils.

The subsequent hours of the day were spent wandering around the village on rental bikes, putting on crowns made of lavender, had our taste of lavender scents at every opportunity, and took many photos.

If you want to sate your longing for lavender, and spend a nice day with sincere villagers of Kuyucak, go and visit Kuyucak Village before the lavender harvest (before the end of July). Even though lavender ice cream, lavender water, and lavender coffee can be considered acquired tastes, the fields, people, and the tractor rides are really advisable. I would also recommend going there in the waking hours of the day, to avoid the crowds in the fields, and get your very private time with lavenders in a great village.

If you see a Dreamstalk booth somewhere, make sure to submit your dream. Who knows, maybe it can come true! Really!

Check out the Facebook page of the club to get detailed information about TOBB ETÜ Dreamstalk, and to follow its events: TOBB ETÜ Dreamstalk Facebook Page

News and Photos: Şule Demir – Psychology Undergraduate Program