Could you please provide some brief information about your community?
We, at Radio ETÜ, not only act as the voice of our university through our broadcasts, but also organize numerous campus events and make effort for a dynamic campus. 
As Radio ETÜ, we try to be a vivacious and active community within the busy schedule at the school. We want to have fun and entertain the students of ETÜ, drifting away from the formal clubs and the courses following those busy periods.
Could you please tell us about your activities?
We have a regular radio broadcast stream, through the course of which we broadcast music non-stop on 24/7 basis as well as radio show that have so far featured numerous different subjects with a delightful jargon. We have always been very active, broadcasting publicity spots for the school communities and streaming music during the final exam terms. Apart from the broadcasts; we have had a year full of other fun activities that have reinforced our team spirit as well, especially including the breakfast events and the barbecue party in Abant. Then came the summer time and sunny, bright days, and we decided to stuff the campus up with fun. We started with Level Up '17, which we co-organized with Garaj at the beginning of June. Then, we exploded the bombshell with a Bedük concert. At the end of the day, during which we had turned the middle garden into a carnival, Bedük exhilarated the students of ETÜ, and the night was closed with an amazing DJ performance session.
How many members actively take part in the community activities? From what departments are your members? Could you please tell us  about member profile of your community?
Currently, our skeleton crew is comprised of about 15 people, but in total, the community has nearly 40 members, including the broadcasters and the organization staff. We have members from almost all departments, including architecture, engineering, business administration etc. The radio's doors are open for everybody, who likes having fun, and it has not nothing to do with what your department is.  Our members are sociable and definitely dynamic individuals! It is our first rule is that we do what we are required to do properly and timely; though, what is indispensable for us is having fun doing it! We have learned all together about friendship and solidarity, and we have quickly swarmed with our new members. We are just a team that is full of fun!

What would you like to say to address your prospect members? Are there any prerequisites to join the community?
If you want to have fun and to something concrete at he same time, both to socialize and to improve yourself for the future, you are at the right place! There is rooms for everybody, and we have work to do for everybody here at Radio ETÜ!
Our first rule is that we fulfill our duties properly; but our second rule is that we have fun while doing so!
What are your goals for the community? What kind of activities do you intend to carry out?
Being a radio crew, our main ambition is, certainly, to start broadcasting on a regular frequency is some day. Our short-term goal is to make sure that each and every ETÜ student actually experiences and enjoys the privilege of having a radio at school! During this year and the upcoming years, we will all have all the music and all the fun events we want all together. We made a great start last year, and we will continue throwing amazing parties and organizing loud and wild concerts for ETÜ students to have fun along with countless surprises! Also, we want to improve the quality of our broadcast stream and restructure it with the best music and broadcasters.
How do the community activities affect your undergraduate education or career goals?
The members of our crew, who attend to cooperative education, mention being a part of our community and the tasks they they have undertaken during the job interviews and on their CVs, which place them one step ahead of the other candidates. At Radio ETÜ, we are very understanding toward our members in respect of their course-related responsibilities as well as final exam terms and cooperative education requirements. We all take mid-term and final exams, and therefore, we can understand the mood of our friends during such terms and tolerate it.