TOBB ETÜ Graduates Association organizes COFFEE NETWORKS as an event to help our students with their career planning. The event where TOBB ETÜ graduates further their ties with existing students, and relay their experiences, is organized around groups of 5 graduates and 15 volunteering students.

In this context, COFFEE NETWORKS #4 was held on 22.7.2017, around the theme of Defense Industry. Graduates currently employed at TUSAŞ-TAI, FNSS, STM SAVUNMA, HAVELSAN, ASELSAN and ROKETSAN responded to the students’ questions about firms, careers, and graduation. The three COFFEE NETWORKS events preceding this one were held with graduates employed in the Defense Industry, in the Government Agencies, and who are Entrepreneurs, in the respective order. To date, the meetings provided a venue to bring a total of 20 graduates and 53 students together.

Here is what I think about the event, the first instance of which I took part in: It takes 2 hours. In that time frame, the students and graduates taking part have one on one conversations, and we switch graduates once every 15 minutes. After the graduate provides a brief introduction about himself and the firm he works with, we follow by introducing ourself, and start asking questions. They provide sincere answers to any questions we have. We ask about many things, including but not limited to master’s studies, difficulties of business life, and interview processes organized by the firms.

The graduates are often thoughtful enough to bring gifts along. The event is organized under the sponsorship of Café Mio, with TOBB ETÜ Graduates Association buying the coffees. I strongly recommend you not to waste such a good event and a truly precious chance to get into contact. Also you can follow TOBB ETÜ Graduates Association on social media, and get information about the next event and subsequent activities of the association.