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Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits ECTS
BİL 113 Computer Programming I Prerequisite : - 4 Credits ECTS: 6
Introduction to programming using Java. Compiler and interpreter tools and how they work. Fundemantal constructs of a programming language, and data types. Variables and assignments operations. Loops and nested loops. Arrays, one and two-dimentional arrays. File input and output operations. Methods, static methods. Packages. Exception handling.
BİL 114 Computer Programming II Prerequisite : - 4 Credits ECTS: 6
Introduction to programming using C/C++. Compiler and interpreter tools and how they work. Fundemantal constructs of a programming language, and data types. Variables and assignments operations. Loops and nested loops. Arrays, one and two-dimentional arrays. Modular programming essentials, functions, pointers. Object oriented programming fundamentals, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, templates, exception handling, garbage collection
BİL 134 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Prerequisite : - 4 Credits ECTS: 6
BİL 211 Object-Oriented Design and Programming Prerequisite : BİL 113 3 Credits ECTS: 6
Object-oriented programming concepts using Java programming language. Object-oriented program design using Unified Modelling Language (UML). Information hiding principle, encapsulation. Class design. Inheritance. Interfaces and abstract classes. Late binding. Design patterns. Application frameworks. Application programming interfaces (API).
BİL 212 Data Structures Prerequisite : BİL 113 4 Credits ECTS: 7
Stacks. Queues. Dynamic variables, constructors. Lists, linked lists, double-linked lists. Sorting and searching techniques. Recursive algorithms. Algorithmic complexity, O-notation, memory and time requirements of algorithms. Binary trees and searching. Tree traversals. Tree sorting algorithms.
BİL 264 Logic Circuit Design Prerequisite : - 3 Credits ECTS: 5
Binary systems and codes. Boolean Algebra. Digital logic gates. Simplification of Boolean functions. Combinational logic. Synchronous sequential logic. Counters. Design problems.
BİL 264L Logic Circuit Design Laboratory Prerequisite : - 1 Credit ECTS: 2
Introduction to integrated circuit data sheets and laboratory equipments. Simplification and implementation of Boolean functions using logic gates. Function implementation using gates, and combinational logic gates (multiplexers and decoders), Flip flops, shift registers and counters. Oscillator design.
BİL 334 Formal Languages and Automata Prerequisite : BİL 132 3 Credits ECTS: 6
Languages and their representations. Finite automata, and regular grammars. Context-free grammars. Abstract machines. Deterministic and non-deterministic finite-state machines. Pushdown automata. Turing machines and introduction to computation theory.
BİL 331 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Prerequisite : BİL 132 ve Bil 212 3 Credits ECTS: 5
Design and analysis of algorithms. O-notation. Divide and conquer algorithms. Dynamic programming. Backtracing and Branch and Bound methods. Lower bound theorem. Time and computational complexities of sort and search algorithms. Graph algorithms. NP-hard and NP-complete problems. Fundamental NPC problems. Analysis of string processing algorithms. Introduction to paralel algorithms.
BİL 361 Computer Architecture and Organization Prerequisite : BİL 264 3 Credits ECTS: 6
Introduction to computer Technologies. Performance comparison. Assembly language. Computer arithmetic. Processor design. Pipeline methods. Cache and virtual memory. Input output structure and interface. Multi processor systems.
BİL 372 Database Systems Prerequisite : BİL 132 ve Bil 212 4 Credits ECTS: 7
Database concepts. Entity-Relationship (ER ve ERR) diagrams. Relational data model. File structures and indexing. Structured Query Language (SQL). Database design: functional dependencies, and normalization. Database management system concepts. Programming database systems.
BİL 395 Programming Languages Prerequisite : BİL 114 3 Credits ECTS: 5
PL syntax and semantics. Lexical and syntax analysis. Top-down and bottom-up parsing. PL concepts: names, bindings, data types, type checking. Scoping. Static and dynamic scopes. Expressions and assignment statements. Statement level control structures. Subprograms. Abstract data types. Programming language paradigms. Imperative PLs. Functional PLs. Logic PLs.
BİL 362 Microprocessors Prerequisite : - 3 Credits ECTS: 5
Introduction to Microprocessors. Addressing modes. Machine codes and assembly language programming. Subroutines, interrupts and basic input output. Serial and paralel communications.
BİL 362L Microprocessors Laboratory Prerequisite : BİL 264 1 Credit ECTS: 2
Assembly language programming. Interrupt programming. Programming input output devices.
BİL 461 Operating Systems Prerequisite : BİL 361 3 Credits ECTS: 6
Design principles of operating systems. Multi user systems. Semaphores. Deadlock detection and avoidance. Multiuser operating systems. Process scheduling algorithms. Memory management: partitioning, paging, thrashing. Device management: interrupt handler. Device derivers and controllers. Secondary memory management. File management. Data and program security and protection. Distributed system concepts.
BİL 471 Web Database Applications Prerequisite : BİL 212 3 Credits ECTS: 5
E-commerce applications leveraging web technologies. Web application development. HTML forms. Scripting. Web database application development with PHP, JSP, andASP. XML data format, databases, and enabled applications. Web services.
BİL 452 Data Communications and Computer Networks Prerequisite : END 224 3 Credits ECTS: 6
Fundamental concepts. Multi-layered architecture and OSI reference model. Physical layer protocols. Introduction to signals, coding, queing theory and delay analysis. Error detection and correction. Data link control and protocols. LAN, network layer tools and protocols. Routing and congestion. Higher OSI layers. TCP/IP protocols and layers. Ipv6 protocol pair.
BİL 481 Software Engineering Prerequisite : BİL 211 3 Credits ECTS: 6
Software Project management: metrics, estimation and planning. Software requirement analysis techniques. Software design techniques. Software implementation. Software quality assurance. Software maintenance and testing. Review and comparison of CASE Technologies.
Elective Courses
Department of Computer Engineering students should take
  • 4 department technical elective courses, 1 faculty elective course, or
  • 3 department technical elective courses, 2 faculty elective courses,
  • also 1 university culture elective course
They are required to take a total of six elective courses. Elective courses must be selected from the list below. Courses taken outside of the courses listed here will not be counted. If there is different courses that can be taken, they should be tendered and approved before records.
Department Technical Elective Courses
(AI:Artificial Intelligence, S:System, SW: Software, T:Theory, *:Depending on subject)
Course Code Course Title Credits
BİL 411 Compilers(T) 3 Credits
BİL 421 Computer Graphics (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 422 Human Computer Interaction (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 425 Software Development for Mobile Devices (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 441 Artificial Intelligence(SW) 3 Credits
BİL 443 Pattern Recognition (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 456 Internet Architecture (S) 3 Kredi
BİL 457 Wireless Networks(S) 3 Credits
BİL 465 Advanced Computer Architecture (S) 3 Credits
BİL 466 Embedded System Programming (S) 3 Kredi
BİL 467 Image Processing (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 476 Data Mining(SW) 3 Credits
BİL 486 Introduction to Robotics(SW) 3 Credits
BİL 490 Independent Study I(*) 3 Credits
BİL 491 Independent Study II(*) 3 Credits
BİL 546 Semantic Web (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 547 Communications Infrastructure of Smart Grids (S) 3 Credits
BİL 550 VOIP and IPTV (S) 3 Credits
BİL 553 Internet and Computer Security (S) 3 Credits
BİL 554 Internet Application Development (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 555 Multimedia Systems (S) 3 Credits
BİL 564 Pattern Recognition (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 579 Decision Support Systems (S) 3 Credits
BİL 578 Advanced Topics in İnformation Systems (SW) 3 Credits
BİL 595 Bioinformatics (S) 3 Credits
Elective Culture Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
GİT 408 Marketing Communications 3 Credits
HUK 101 Introduction to Law 3 Credits
HUK 115 Introduction to Law 3 Credits
HUK 155 History of Turkish Law 3 Credits
SAT 103 Pattern I 3 Credits
SAT 104 Pattern II 3 Credits
SAT 107 History of Art I 3 Credits
SAT 108 History of Art II 3 Credits
SAT 116 Museum Education and Applications 3 Credits
SAT 205 Photography I 3 Credits
SAT 206 Photography II 3 Credits
SAT 217 Computer Aided Design I 3 Credits
SAT 218 Computer Aided Design II 3 Credits
SAT 219 Sociology of Communication 3 Credits
TAR 101 History of Civilizations 3 Credits
TAR 121 Modern World History 3 Credits
TAR 124 History of Political Thought 3 Credits
TAR 131 Turkish History I 3 Credits
TAR 233 Ottoman History I 3 Credits
TAR 234 Ottoman History II 3 Credits
TAR 323 Social and Economic History 3 Credits
TAR 325 American History 3 Credits
TAR 343 History of the Crusades 3 Credits
TAR 351 Turks and Islam 3 Credits
TAR 352 Ottoman Social Structure 3 Credits
TDE 111 Ottoman Turkish I 3 Credits
TDE 112 Ottoman Turkish II 3 Credits
TDE 121 Turkish Grammar I 3 Credits
TDE 141 Contemporary Turkish Literature (1960 onwards) 3 Credits
TDE 142 Turkish Literature in the Republican Era (1923-1960) 3 Credits
TDE 321 Old Anatolian Turkish 3 Credits
TDE 371 Drama Writing 3 Credits
TDE 471 World Literature 3 Credits
ULU 101 Political History (1648-1919) 3 Credits
ULU 102 20th Century Political History 3 Credits
ULU 112 Introduction to International Relations 3 Credits
ULU 121 Introduction to Law 3 Credits
ULU 131 Introduction to Political Science 3 Credits
ULU 132 Sociology 3 Credits
ULU 213 Turkish Foreign Policy I 3 Credits
ULU 214 Turkish Foreign Policy II 3 Credits
ULU 221 International Law I 3 Credits
ULU 222 International Law II 3 Credits
ULU 311 Political Economy of International Relations 3 Credits
ULU 313 European IntegrationTheory and Historical Development-Elective 3 Credits
ULU 315 International Environmental Problems 3 Credits
ULU 317 Media and Politics 3 Credits
ULU 318 Political Sociology-Elective 3 Credits
ULU 321 International Economic Law 3 Credits
ULU 331 Turkish Political and Social Structure 3 Credits
ULU 343 History of Contemporary Political Thought 3 Credits
ULU 418 Political Communication 3 Credits
ULU 426 Eurasian Geopolitics and International Relations - Elective 3 Credits
ULU 428 Politics, Economics and Society in the Modern Middle East 3 Credits
ULU 495 Diplomatic Correspondence I 3 Credits
ULU 496 Diplomatic Correspondence II 3 Credits
İKT 103 Introduction to Economics 3 Credits
İKT 311 International Economics 3 Credits
İKT 313 Public Economics 3 Credits
İKT 316 Social Security and Labor Markets 3 Credits
İKT 415 Game Theory 3 Credits
İKT 431 Public Finance 3 Credits
İKT 434 Turkish Economy 3 Credits
İKT 437 Financial Institutions 3 Credits
İKT 438 Economic and Social Transformation of Turkey 3 Credits
İKT 471 Economic History 3 Credits
İKT 472 History of Economic Thought 3 Credits
İŞL 111 Introduction to Business Administration 3 Credits
İŞL 112 Introduction to Management 3 Credits
İŞL 231 Introduction to Marketing 3 Credits
İŞL 251 Accounting I 3 Credits
İŞL 303 Law of Negotiable Instruments 3 Credits
İŞL 311 Organizational Theory 3 Credits
İŞL 313 Negotiation Techniques 3 Credits
İŞL 322 Organizational Behavior 3 Credits
İŞL 351 Cost Accounting 3 Credits
İŞL 361 Financial Management 3 Credits
İŞL 433 Consumer Behavior 3 Credits
İŞL 452 External Auditing 3 Credits
İŞL 462 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 Credits
İŞL 482 e-Business 3 Credits
Faculty Elective Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
BMM 203 Medical Biology 3 Credits
BMM 205 Fundamentals of Materials Science 3 Credits
ELE 231 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3 Credits
ELE 311 Analog Electronic Circuits 3 Credits
ELE 331 Electromagnetic Wave Theory 3 Credits
ELE 371 Signals and Systems 3 Credits
ELE 422 VLSI Design 3 Credits
ELE 463 Communication Networks 3 Credits
ELE 467 Information Security and Cryptography 3 Credits
ELE 474 Digital Signal Processing 3 Credits
ELE 485 Energy Distribution I 3 Credits
ELE 487 Energy Transmission Lines 3 Credits
ELE 515 Computer Aided Control Design with MATLAB 3 Credits
ELE 561 Wireless Communication 3 Credits
ELE 569 Telecommunications Network Optimization 3 Credits
END 202 Work Analysis and Design 3 Credits
END 294 Operations Research I 3 Credits
END 306 Systems Simulation 3 Credits
END 307 Production Systems Plannning 3 Credits
END 321 Stochastic Models 3 Credits
END 371 Quality Planning and Control 3 Credits
END 395 Operations Research II 3 Credits
END 396 Service Systems Design and Planning 3 Credits
END 411 Supply Chain Management 3 Credits
END 418 Project Management 3 Credits
END 472 Total Quality Management and Quality Management Systems 3 Credits
END 451 Fuzzy System Models and Applications 3 Credits
END 551 Fuzzy System Models and Applications 3 Credits
END 574 Laplace Transformations and Applications 3 Credits
MAK 104 Statics 3 Credits
MAK 207 Material Science or MAK 209 Material Science and Manufacturing Processes 3 Credits
MAK 302 Heat Transfer 3 Credits
MAK 305 System Dynamics and Control 3 Credits
MAK 307 Design and Manufacturing 3 Credits
MAK 311 Fluid Mechanics 3 Credits
MAK 438 System Architecture and Innovation 3 Credits
MAK 486 Energy Systems and Environment 3 Credits
MAK 405 Reliability 3 Credits
MAK 460 Introduction to Biomechanics 3 Credits
MAK 552 Introduction to Biomechanics 3 Credits