Operation of the Co-Op System

1.Each business which takes part in TOBB ETÜ Cooperative Education program signs a protocol, followed by the entry of the quotas available at that business, into the system.

2.Before each cooperative education semester, the students submit a list of 5 businesses (one of which should be from outside Ankara) acceptable to them, while the businesses specify the names they choose from among the list of students who apply for them, to the Cooperative Education and Career Development Coordinator, through the Cooperative Education Information System (Uniform).

The students are matched with the businesses, with reference to the results of the interview by the business, and the GPA of the student.

3.Once the student completes a tenure of 3.5 months at the business she is assigned to, she will be required to draw up a report and present her experience to the faculty of the department she is enrolled in.