What is Cooperative Education?

In Turkey, implemented only in TOBB ETÜ, cooperative education  is a unique approach to higher education that enables students to gain one-year work experience prior to their graduation grounded on university-business world cooperation. 

  • The “Cooperative Education Model” is a structured educational strategy reinforcing professional development at actual businesses and involvement in an area associated with the future professions of the students, all the while they receive education.





1st Year

1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term

2nd Year

4th Term

5th Term

Cooperative Education (1)

3rd Year

6th Term

Cooperative Education (2)

7th Term

4th Year

Cooperative Education (3)

8th Term


*At TOBB ETÜ, there are 8 education terms and three cooperative education terms. 

  • Undergraduate students of TOBB ETÜ work at actual jobs for 3 times, for 3.5 months at a time, from the third year of their education on, graduating with a work experience of approximately 1 year in total. Getting the opportunity to put into practice the current knowledge gained at the classes, the students also serve as a conduit to provide some input from the professional domain to the university, helping keep the programs current.
  • In cooperative education, the students get to develop themselves, the school, and the enterprise they are associated to, as an instrument of cooperation between the university and the industry.