The Department of Foreign Languages will hold TOEFL ITP institutional English language exam on Thursday, 24 August, 2017, at 09:00.


  • The students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, who wish to get exemptions from or to increase their grades in courses with ING code, can TAKE THE EXAM. A limited number of seats are available for the exam. The students will be allowed to take the exam on the basis of the order of applications. The students should take note of the following:

TOEFL ITP Exam taken to improve grades grants exemption from preparatory program, for the students who were registered before 2010 and who had passed conditionally. But it does not allow the deletion of the HD or HK grades as conditional pass is not allowed for students who registered after 2010.

The students who wish to apply for the exam can take it by paying the exam fee.


  • The students who wish to take the exam can register for it by paying the exam fee (TRY 250) by 17:00 on Friday, 18 August, 2017, to ETÜ-SEM account specified below. Payments made after the deadline, or deposited to a wrong account will not be accepted. Accurate information should be provided at the time of registration.

Account Details

Account Name: Garanti Bank

Branch Name/Code: Emek Branch/778

Account No: 6299674

IBAN No: TR39 0006 2000 7780 0006 2996 74   

Notes on the Receipt: Student No. - Name/Surname - 24 August, 2017 TOEFL ITP Score Improvement Exam

  • The receipt attesting the payment of the exam fee should be brought along on the exam date.
  • The students who fail to take the exam due to various reasons (failure to meet the application requirements, failure to show up for the exam etc.) will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be refunded.
  • The applications filed outside the time frame specified will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be accepted.
  • Please refrain from calling Department staff by phone or ask for confirmation with a message, to confirm the fee payment and registration for the exam.
  • It is of utmost importance to note the name, surname, and school number of the student to take the exam in the notes field, at the time of making the payment.


  • The students should bring student ID card as well as civil ID card or driver’s license to the exam. Those who lack a student ID card should get a student certificate from the Student Affairs Office.
  • The list of test takers will be published on the web pages of the University as well as the Department of Foreign Languages, on Monday, 21 August, 2017.
  • The students who should have appeared on the list but do not, due to a reason associated with the payment of the fee, should contact Eray Okan ERSÖZ ( by 17:00 on Tuesday, 22 August, 2017, while the other students who do not appear on the list due to other reasons should contact Şebnem Öztürk ( by the same deadline.
  • The students to take the exam should be available and ready at the exam room by 08:30 at latest on the exam date, bringing along required office supplies and their ID documents, in order to allow their photos to be taken and necessary preparations to be completed as per the exam rules.
  • The students who are entitled to take the exam but are not listed nonetheless, can contact the Department officials before the said time on the exam date, presenting their student ID cards.
  • The students should not take their mobile phones to the exam room.

We wish our students with success in their exams.

Department of Foreign Languages