Economics Undergraduate Program

TOBB ETÜ Economics undergraduate program offers a steady and balanced program to meet the theoretical and practical requirements for a modern economics education. The program aims to provide students with independent and analytical thinking skills while offering the basis to understand Turkey and other country economies.

TOBB ETÜ Economics undergraduate program offers many other advantages besides a quality education:

Flexible Curriculum: With the changes in recent years, students are provided flexibility in taking courses in the areas they are interested in and/or they want to specialize in by reducing the number of compulsory courses in the undergraduate program and increasing the number of elective courses. In this respect, students are offered many theoretical and applied elective courses that are taught by internationally experienced and well-equipped teaching staff. 

High Scholarship Rate and High Faculty Member/Student Ratio: TOBB ETÜ Department of Economics stands out among the economics departments of other foundation universities with high scholarship rate and high student quality (10 students with full scholarship, 5 students with 75% scholarship, 20 students with 50% scholarship and 5 students without scholarship) and high number of faculty members per student (1 faculty member per approximately 2.5 new coming students).

Double Major/Minor Opportunities: TOBB ETÜ offers a Double Major program that allows students who are successful in their own departments to obtain diploma from another department and also a Minor program that enables them to gain specialization in another department. These programs, which are more flexible than many other universities, offer important opportunities to successful students. 

Cooperative Education: TOBB ETÜ prepare all students for life after graduation with the Cooperative Education Program, which provides approximately one year of work experience before they graduate. The Cooperative Education Program enables students to determine their career plans at an early stage according to their interests, and also ensures that students are preferred primarily in the job market after graduation.

Second Foreign Language: In addition to an intensive compulsory English preparatory program, each student at TOBB ETÜ must succeed in four courses from a second foreign language of their choice in addition to many compulsory and elective courses in order to graduate from the undergraduate program. 


Undergraduate Curriculum

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