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In accordance with the licence agreements, access to the electronic resources by the university members can only be done for educational and research related purposes. Publishers track the usage of those resources, and in case of any misuse of the materials or violation of the license agreements, they may block the access to those resources by taking legal practice. Acts leading to copyright infringement such as using the information retrieved from electronic resources for any financial gains; downloading full text of a journal or using robots to complete the download; sharing the sources with third parties, who are not able to access the material; downloading in a systematic order; creating extra copies of the materials; making changes to the texts etc are completely forbidden.

  • Turnitin
  • iThenticate
  • Mendeley - Referans Yönetim Sistemi


COVID-19 Pandemi Dönemi Konularına göre Gruplandırılmış Veritabanları Listesi

  • Academic Search Ultimate

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text journals

    Includes nearly 17,900 indexed and abstracted journals as of 2020. The total number of full text journals is 11,900 and, 8700 of them are peer-reviewed, 5,300 are indexed in Web of Science or Scopus while other refereed full text journals are cited in key subject indexes It dates back to 1887.

  • ACM Digital Library

    Computer science, full-text

    An archive covering 50 years of publication of 51 journals and other bulletins published by the Association for Computing Machinery, and a compendium of peer-reviewed journals, papers presented, news bulletins, and third party sources. The rich database dates back to 1950s. ACM Manuals, on the other hand, contains numerous bibliographic records and references regarding books, journals, conference minutes, and dissertations.

  • ACS Journals

    Chemistry, full-text

    ACS Journal Package covers 48 peer-reviewed journals published by American Chemical Society on chemistry and related fields, from the earliest days of their publishing history to date. The Journal of Chemical Education is not included in the package.

  • AIAA

    Space and aviation, full-text

    The 7 journals offered with their complete archives, serving as a primary source of reference in space, aviation, and defense engineering, and published by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) are as follows:

    • AIAA Journal: a journal the publication of which began in 1963. It leads the way on theoretical developments and experiment results in a wide range covering the discipline.
    • Journal of Aerospace Information Systems (formerly Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication): A journal dedicated to applied science in information technologies and communications in aviation and space.
    • Journal of Aircraft: Covers the topics of airplanes, the operation of airplanes, and the application of airplane technologies to other fields.
    • Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics: Covers research and engineering practices regarding the operation of next generation of manned or unmanned high-performance aviation and space vehicles.
    • Journal of Propulsion and Power: Covers terrestrial energy systems, air-pressure or electricity operated power generation and conversion.
    • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets: Covers the latest research on spaceship and rocket systems, sub-systems, practices, environmental interactions, and space sciences.
    • Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer: Covers the most recent developments in heat and energy transfer and storage.
  • American Institute of Physics (AIP)

    Physical sciences, full-text

    The package accessed through the consortium offers access to 17 journals published by AIP in physics and related fields, and 6 more by other professional associations which are members of AIP, amounting to a total of 23 journals. The content coverage starts usually with year 1999, while earlier years are available for some journals. Click here for the list of journals.

  • American Physical Society Journals (APS)

    Physics, full-text

    Provides access to Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A-E, Reviews of Modern Physics and PROLA journals published by APS.

  • Annual Reviews Sciences Collection

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Provides access to the content of 44 critical review journals in social sciences, biomedical / life sciences, and physics. The current package covering the last five years complements the collection kept available for access at all times as the “Sciences Back Volume Collection”.

  • Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective

    Multi-disciplinary, bibliographical

    Multi-disciplinary and bibliographical Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective is one of the basic references in the field of life sciences and economics and administrative sciences, indexing more than 2,000 publication from the years 1913-1983. The database contains the records for more than 4.7 million works included in primary publications in a number of fields ranging from environment engineering, to economics, electrical and electronics engineering, energy sources and research, finance, aviation and space, industrial engineering, communications and information technologies, occupational health and safety, chemicals and pharmaceutics, mining engineering, accounting, nuclear power and engineering, automotive engineering, marketing and sales, corporate mergers, transportation, international trade and publication and much more.

  • Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective

    Multi-disciplinary, bibliographical

    It is a fundamental bibliographic source of reference for retrospective studies, covering the bibliographic records of more than 3 million articles published in more than 1,400 applied sciences and technology journals in the period 1913-1983. It also offers complete coverage of book reviews, abstracts and indexes, and Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957) files as well.

  • Art Index Retrospective


    Art Index Retrospective is a bibliographic database that cumulates citations to 600+ journals and 25,000+ book reviews index published between 1929-1984. It covers fine, decorative and commercial art, as well as photography, film and architecture.

  • Artstor Digital Library

    Art, Digital Collection
    Trial access expiration date: 31.12.2020

    Is an image database featuring of images from museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists in one repository. The Artstor offers access to approximately 300 multidisciplinary collections composed of over 2.5 million images. Artstor includes more than 36.000 visual media about Turkey.

    Please create a personal user account to save, download and edit images.

  • ASME Digital Library Package 2

    Mechanical engineering, full-text

    26 journals of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, as part of the series Transaction Journals, and the contents published since 1999 on Applied Mechanics Reviews are accessible.



  • Balkan Insight

    Regional studies, full-text

    Published by BIRN, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, the source contains research reports, analyses, and news. Access to its archives is also possible.

  • Beck -eBibliothek

    e-Books on German law

    Contains 65 e-books on public law, civil law and criminal law.

  • Beck Online

    German law, full-text

    Contains the full-text of 500 books, 65 journals, laws, court rulings and jurisprudence concerning German law.

    List of contents


  • Beck-online.GROSSKOMMENTAR zum Zivilrecht Module

    Civil Law, Full-text
    Trial access expiration date: 30.09.2020

    Contains the full-text commentary on civil law laws and regulations.

  • Brill Encyclopaedia of Islam Online


    The Encyclopaedia of Islam published by Brill is considered to be the standard reference work in the field of Islamic studies. The first edition was published in 1913–1938, the second in 1954–2005, and the third was begun in 2007. 125-150 articles are added to the Encyclopaedia of Islam Online every three months. The Historical Atlas of Islam, including 90 maps, was added to this reference resource in 2012.

  • Britannica Online Academic Edition


    In addition to encyclopedic knowledge on a universal range of topics, the source contains some e-books, primary sources, videos etc. as well. It offers country comparison, global data analyses, and chronology as further tools available. It also offers links to a number of sites including BBC and Merriam-Webster.

  • Business Book Summaries

    Business Administration, Book Summaries

    Helps researchers keep current with the latest business thinking and develop key business skills. BBS includes thousands of concise, actionable summaries of books from top authors and publishers.  Summaries are available in text and audio and new summaries are published daily.

  • Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982 

    Business Administration, Bibliographic

    A valuable resource for business history research, Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982 is an archive index covering nearly 70 years of business scholarship. Indexing and citations include scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines and the complete files of Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957). Content includes: Indexing of more than 1,000 periodicals, Citations to more than 2,500,000 articles, including book reviews.

  • Business Source Ultimate

    Business Administration, full-text and bibliographical

    Full text content compiled by EBSCO covers 2.750+ peer-reviewed journals, 800+ books / monographs, more than a thousand conference papers, more than a million company information, thousands of reports, case studies, etc. on subjects such as business administration, banking, economics, finance, as of 2020.

  • Cambridge Core Journals & e-Books

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    As of 2020, the database provides access to articles published since 1999 in more than 380 peer-reviewed academic journals on Science, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities, published by the Cambridge University Press, and 35 books named in the attached list.

    The list of books with perpetual rights

  • Central & Eastern European Academic Source

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Offers a collection of nearly 660 full-text journals published in Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey. The multidisciplinary collection covers a wide range of subject areas such as literature, science, law, business and economics, engineering, political science, history, medicine and health sciences, and it is multilingual.

  • ClinicalKey

    Medicine, full-text

    In addition to books and journals, brochures for patient education, pharmaceutical monographs from Gold Standard, and videos of Procedures Consult are among the thousands of videos, images, application manuals, and clinical trials data from on offer on site. Its complete index is available on MEDLINE. It allows more effective use through customization after opening accounts.

  • Columbia International Affairs Online

    International relations, full-text

    Covers academic publications such as books, journals, work reports, irregular reports by non-governmental organizations, research projects, and conference papers published since 1991. It also offers educational materials such as case studies, course packages, and videos. Each section is updated regularly, on a monthly basis.


  • DataTurkey

    Socio-economic data sets

    Designed and developed by Turkish data scientists and software engineers, DataTurkey is the single access point application and integrated data warehouse of Turkish economic, sectoral, social and demographic panorama.

    Click here for more information.

  • De Gruyter e-Journals

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Offers over 900 peer-reviewed journals covering all areas of scientific research. It hosts well known journals such as Biological Chemistry, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, The Linguistics Review, Byzantinische Zeitschrift and The Economist’s Voice.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    It is an online guide indexing and providing access to peer-reviewed and open access journals. It covers more than 9,000 journals, 6,000 of which allowing article-level indexing, from 13 countries.

  • DynaMed*

    Clinical information

    It is a clinical reference tool developed for medical professionals, for use by physicians in particular, during care and treatment processes. It offers contents to respond to clinical questions on approximately 3,400 topics, organized with reference to specific clinics, and subjected to review in terms of reliability, validity, and applicability. More than 500 medical journals are reviewed systematically on this evidence-based database.

    Detailed information

  • Early English Books Online (EEBO)

    Full-text books

    It contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473-1700 - from the first book printed in English by William Caxton, through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare and the tumult of the English Civil War.

    Click here for user guide.

  • EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

    Full-text books

    The database containing approximately 193,000 + academic books from all disciplines, also serves as a platform for some of the e-books acquired for perpetual access.

  • EconLit

    Economics, bibliographic, full-text

    Serving as the fundamental index of the field of Economics, this package of EconLit offers full-text access to 600 journals including but not limited to American Economic Association journals (American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, and Journal of Economic Perspectives) which are not subject to embargo. The references and abstracts dating back to 1969, with some even dating back to 1886, also constitute major elements of the contents.

    You may access EconLit from here.

  • Education Index Retrospective 1929-1983

    1929 - 1983 Bibliographic

    Is an archive index chronicling over a half a century of important education literature. Covering all levels of education and education specialties, it indexes 800 publications, many of them peer-reviewed. 

  • Emerald eJournals Premier

    Social sciences, full text journals

    Comprises 311 journals from the fields of management and engineering.

    Click here for the list.

  • ERIC

    Education, bibliographic, full-text

    An authoritative database of indexed and full-text education literature and resources, with over 1.6 million bibliographic records and links to more than 631,000 full-text resources, dating back to 1966.

  • European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750


    A free archive of indexed publications related to the Americas and written in Europe before 1750. It includes thousands of valuable primary source records covering the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of Native American peoples.

  • Foreign Policy

    Political Science & International Affairs, full-text

    Foreign Policy Magazine has been in publication for over thirty years and covers global affairs. Analysis, podcasts and newsletters are also available. The archive dates back to 70s.

  • GreenFILE

    Environment, bibliographic, full-text

    offers research-based information on the impact of humans on the environment and what can be done to minimize negative impacts. Combining academic, official, as well as general sources, the database indexes 1,000,000 pieces of publication on a number of fields including global warming, pollution, and renewable energy. Abstracts of the publications are available, as well as links to 14,000 open access sources. 

    Detailed information and the list of journals

  • HeinOnline

    Law, full-text

    The database contains the contents of 2,000 law journals, records of the Congress (of the US), reports from the US dating back to 1754, landmark cases since 1700s, classical pieces on law from the 18th and 19th centuries, Charters of the League of Nations and the United Nations, Federal Register which serves as the official gazette of the US, and federal regulations etc. The Super Core package offers 35 collections, including those on international law as well.

  • HukukTurk

    Law, bibliographic, full-text

    The database contains case law from the Court of Appeals, Council of State, Constitutional Court, Appeals Court, and EHCR’s rulings on Turkey. Furthermore, it provides access to references such as the regulations of Turkey, the Official Gazette, and Turkish Law Bibliography, containing information on articles on law, published since 1928.

  • Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective


    Is an archive index covering important humanities and social sciences journals published from 1907 to 1984. It contains 1,300,000+ citations for articles and book reviews from nearly 1200 journals.

  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library

    Engineering, full-text

    All periodicals such as journals and bulletins, published by IEEE and IET since 1988, and conference papers are available, alongside access to select publications dating back to 1872. IEEE has published standards, as well as a dictionary of standards.

  • IMechE

    Mechanical engineering, full-text

    The package of 18 journals, composed of 16 proceedings and two more journals published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers provides access to content from 1997 to date.

  • IMF Data

    Finance data

    Free access  to a range of IMF datasets such as International Financial Statistics, the Balance of Payments, etc.

  • Infobase (Films On Demand - Health Reference Center - World News Digest - Writer's Reference Center

    Trial access expiration date: 13.11.2020

    Infobase: Films On Demand contains more than 28 thousand curriculum-focused videos consisting of 165,445 segments and covering all disciplines. It allows creating a favorite playlist with its customizable folder structure. Click here for the list of content list.

    Infobase: Health Reference Center provides access to 588,732 contents on body systems, current health issues, major diseases and conditions, treatments and procedures, as well as health and nutrition.

    Infobase: World News Digest provides access to 300,000+ articles on current events in the world, with historical content since 1940, and extensive historical video footage. Through NewsEdge, it provides newsletters with current newspaper editorials, most of which come from international sources.

    Infobase: Writer's Reference Center provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of quality writing, from writing and grammar usage mechanics to style and research, providing all the necessary tools to write and research effectively. While the in-depth grammar section defines grammatical terms and gives examples of usage, another section explores writing style. Writing resource guide users on how best to revise their writing, and the intuitive design allows users to quickly access information with customizable searches.


    Operational research and business administration; full-text

    Covers 14 academic journals on operational research, analytical methods, and applications, and a bulletin for the members of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, offering digitized issues from 1998 to date. The leading journals in the pack are Operations Research and Management Science .

  • IOP SCience

    Physics, full-text

    Offers access to 69 journals on a number of fields including material science, biomedical engineering, medical physics, and mathematical physics, from the first volume’s first issue in 1874 to date.

  • İdealonline

    Multidisciplinary, full text journals

    Multidisciplinary database which offers access to 800+ scholarly and popular Turkish journals comprising 105.000+ articles and 13,000+ archives. A number of prominent journals from the Turkic Republics are also included. Features such as My Library, My Collections and Content Alerts aim to ease tracing of journals for the reader.

    Journals list as excel file with URLs

  • İktisat İşletme Finans

    Economics - Business Administration, full-text

    The journal which have been published since 1986, and indexed in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), with JEL published by AEA (American Economics Association) and in EconLit with CABELL Publishing's "Economics and Finance Directory”, not to mention the database of the Central Bank of Turkey, is available in the archives starting from volume 1 on.


    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    JSTOR is available through EKUAL, with the Archive Journal Content comprising 3094 journals in 22 packages, and the Sustainibility Collection, comprising 2154 research reports, Although multidisciplinary, it is stronger in social sciences. The packages available are as follows: Arts & Sciences I - XV, Life Sciences, Business 1 - IV, Ecology & Botany 1 - II, Ireland, Jewish Studies and Hebrew Journals Collections. The collections also include subpackages such as Language & Literature, Mathematics & Statistics. It includes archives of the journals from the beginning until 2-5 years ago. The Comparative Literature, which is one of our current individual subscriptions, is also available via the JSTOR platform.
    Click here for user's guide.

    Journals and report lists

  • Juris - Spectrum for Universities

    Law, full-text

    Covers 19 journals with full-text articles, along with 6 volumes of Praxiskommentar BGB, contract, bulletins etc. to offer a mixed content in the database containing bibliographic information and abstracts, as well as commentaries on court rulings, law articles and comments, presented in connection with related rulings, to cover an era from 1976 to date, in the field of welfare benefits and business administration.

  • Jurix Database

    Law, full text

    Covers law journals, feschriftes, conference papers published in Turkey. Click here for more information and list of journals.

  • Karger Fast Facts Collection

    Medicine, full-text
    Trial access expiration date: 31.10.2020

    Fast Facts Collection covers 99 different e-books, divided by clinical case, that can be easily used by physicians for bedside care.

  • Karger Journals

    Medicine, full-text

    Karger Journals Collection contains a total of 100 current journals, 17 of which are open access, serving as a source of quality education for medical professionals from all levels, and their students. KARGER Journal Back File, on the other hand, offers access to back issues of Karger journals, from 1998 onwards.

  • Kazancı İçtihat Bilgi Bankası

    Law, full-text

    Contains primary legislation such as the laws, decrees with the force of law, by-laws, council of ministers decisions, and regulations of Turkey, as well as Constitutional Court rulings, Court of Appeals rulings, Council of State rulings, Appeals Court rulings, and Court of Accounts rulings, not to mention other elements of case law. It offers links from law text to case law and back, as well as indices sorted by chamber, concept, and law-article.

  • Kluwer Law Online

    Law, full text

    Kluwer Law Online is an online archive and research database which includes 58 manuals and a unique collection of 25+ journals, covering various aspects of international law.

  • Legal Online Library

    Law, full text

    Offers acces to 22.000+ articles, 700 journals, nearly 400 books on law.

  • Legalbank

    Law, full text

    The Judicial and Council of State decisions and other legislation offered by the Legal Yayıncılık can be accessed.

  • Lexpera Legal Information System

    Law, full text

    Lexpera is a comprehensive Legal Information System developed by On İki Levha Yayıncılık, which covers legislation, case law, sample contracts, full text law books, articles, commentaries and similar resources concerning law.

    Click here for more information.

  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts


    Covers more than 610 journals, monographs, research reports, and conference proceedings on libraries, bibliometrics, access to information, information management and such. It covers a time range dating back to the mid 1960s.

  • Literary Reference Center™ Plus

    Literature, full-text

    Is the definitive literary database covering various periods and literary disciplines. It includes 690+ full-text literary journals, more than 1 million book reviews, 86,000+ articles on literary criticism, approximately 250,000 author biographies, 8,000+ classic novels, 160.00+ poems, and 2,800+ full-text reference books.

    Click for the list of titles and e-books. 

  • MasterFILE Complete

    Full-text popular magazines and reference books

    Offers a large collection of popular magazines, reference books, and some other sources from various leading publishers, covering virtually every general interest subject areas, including business, health, education, fitness, sports and leisure, personal finance, general science, multicultural issues, DIY and fashion. In addition to approximately 2,300 full-text journals, also includes over 870 reference books, more than 55,100 primary documents and around 1.8 million images (photos, maps, flags). It dates back to 1922.

  • MasterFILE Reference eBook Collection

    Full text reference books

    The complimentary reference eBook collection comprising 800 books from Abdo Publishing, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cornell University Press, Nomad Press, The University of North Carolina Press etc., on subjects such as computer, science, biographies, finance, genetics, career, architecture, fashion and design, health, art, travel, sports, history.

  • MathSciNet

    Mathematics, bibliographic

    Contains more than 3 million authoritative records from the field of mathematics and links to 1.7 million authentic articles, in a framework expanded by more than 100,000 fresh bibliographic records and 80,000 introductions, as published by the American Mathematical Society. The bibliographic records date back to 1800s. Reference lists of more than 550 journals are compiled and matched, and citation details are provided for journals, authors, articles, and introductions. These citations provide a means to oversee the historical development of and influences on the field of mathematics. 


    Medicine, bibliographic

    The database developed by the National Medical Library of the US contains citations and abstracts of the articles published in biomedical and health journals used by medical services specialists, nurses, practitioners, and medical researchers engaged in clinical care, public health, and health policy development.

  • Nature Journals All - Academic Journals All

    Natural sciences, full text journals

    Comprises 46 journals, including Nature, the weekly interdisciplinary science journal, Nature-branded research and review journals in the life, physical,and clinical sciences, and 40 other academic journals offered on in partnership with professional societies.


  • Newspaper Source Plus

    Full-text news

    Provides a full-text digital collection of the world's major news content. It includes millions of articles from 1200+newspapers, 130+ newswires and news magazines. In addition, it offers television and radio transcripts and ongoing daily updates from popular news sources.

  • Newswire

    Full-text news

    Provides near real-time access to top world-wide news from the Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN Wire, and Business Wire on a continuous basis. Includes AP Financial News, AP Top News, AP WorldStream, AP U.S. Politics & Government, AP 50 State Reports, UPI Security Industry, UPI Emerging Threats, UPI Business, UPI Entertainment, UPI Sports, UPI Top News, Arabia 2000, and more. The index to the full text content in EBSCO Newswires is held for a rolling 30-day archive.

  • Nexis Uni

    Law and business administration, full-text

    More than 15,000 full-text articles covering news from the business world, and pieces on law, are offered on flexible search terms. Even though Law Reviews are included in integrated search, other collections require separate searches.

    Detailed information

  • Nomos Online Premium

    The comments, form, and guide details from the Nomos Online database are offered within the framework of Nomos modules. As Nomos Online is a module within Beck, it is also accessible through Beck Online.

  • Open Dissertations

    Full text theses

    An open-access database built to assist researchers in locating both historic and contemporary dissertations and theses.  Provides researchers with citations to graduate research across a span of time, from the early 20th century to the present.

  • OVID LWW Total Access

    Biomedical, full-text

    Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (LWW) journals as well as key journals on general topics which can serve as a source of reference for any medical professional, not to mention journals in specific domains of expertise and nursing journals are covered. LWW Comprehensive Archive package covering issues from Volume 1, issue 1, till the end of 2012 is accessible.

  • Oxford Journals Online

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    The journals published by Oxford University Press cover a very wide range of fields. Two thirds of 285 academic research journals are published in cooperation with professional organizations and international organizations.

  • Oxford Law e-Books on University Press Scholarship Online

    Full-text law books

    31 law books for which permanent access is bought are accessible through selections from the list. The books are also registered in the library catalog and are accessible either directly or through integrated search . The database provides access to chapter summaries of the remaining 13,000 books as well.

  • Palgrave Macmillan Journals (PMJ All)

    Social sciences, full text journals

    Comprises 47 journals from the field of social sciences, mainly in business, economics, operations research, politics, and sociology, with a backfile to 1997.

    Click here for the list.

  • PNAS

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America publishes research reports, commentaries, reviews, opinion pieces, and conference papers etc. reflecting the latest developments in life sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences.

  • Political Science Complete

    Political Science, full-text

    Offering full-text access to approximately 700 journals as of 2017, the database also contains full-text of 330 reference books and monographs, and more than 47,000 full-text conference papers.

  • Project Muse

    Social sciences, full-text

    Project Muse Social Sciences (MA Level) Journal Package offers full-text access to 654 journals, which are covered for terms specific to each journal.

  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global Full Text (PQDT Global FT)

    Dissertations and theses, full text

    Offers access to 4 million citations to dissertations and theses from around the world from 1861 to the present day together with over two million full text dissertations that are available for download in PDF format. Over 2.1 million titles are available for purchase as printed copies. The database offers full text for most of the dissertations added since 1997 and strong retrospective full text coverage for older graduate works. Over 130,000 new dissertations and theses are added to the database each year.
    Click here for user guide. 

  • Proquest Ebook Central

    Full-text books

    Proquest Ebook Central provides full-text access to purchased electronic books and also allows browsing over a million books. Each book can be read for 5 minutes per 24 hours during browsing.


    Psychology, full-text

    The database offers access to complete contents of more than 100 journals on psychology published by the American and Canadian Associations of Psychology and Hogrefe Publishing, since their earliest issues to date.

  • PubMed

    Biomedicine, bibliographical with links to full text

    PubMed comprises more than 27 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central open archive and publisher web sites to enable access to contents for which a license is held.

  • Refinitiv Eikon

    Financial analysis

    Provides real-time and historical financial and corporate data. It contains graphs, lists, news, and analysis tools. It is available to university staff, over a specific set of computers only and external users do not have access by license.

  • Regional Business News

    Full-text news

    provides full-text regional business publications for the United States and Canadian provinces, from over 100 local business publications. Content of Regional Business News is provided by leading publishers in business news including The Washington Post, PR Newswire US and more.

  • Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

    Chemistry, full-text

    Contains 7 databases, 2 magazines and 42 journals, with all their issues published since 2008, covering all sub-domains of chemistry, from biomolecular chemistry to biotechnology, chemical biology, material science, medical sciences, nanotechnology, natural products, organic chemistry, photochemical sciences, photobiological sciences, physico-chemistry, polymer sciences and so on.

  • SAE International Scholarly Journals

    Automotive and space industries, full-text

    The subscription covers the academic journal package on automotive and space industry, and commercial vehicles.

  • SAGE Journals Online

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Offers access to contents published in 690 journals from 1999 to date, in business administration, humanities, international relations, social sciences, medicine, basic sciences, and technology.

  • Science Online (AAAS)

    Science and technology, full-text

    The subscription covers not only the contents of the Science journal from 1997 on, but also the Science Translational Medicine journal. Furthermore, access to open-access materials are provided through ScienceNOW, Science of Aging Knowledge Environment Archive.

  • ScienceDirect

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text journals  and book series

    Full text access to the Freedom Collection, which comprises nearly 2300 journals published by Elsevier after 1995, institutionally subscribed Elsevier & Cell Press journals and 28 book series starting from 2012.

    Please click here for journals and book series lists.

  • SciFinder

    Chemistry, bibliographic, research tool

    SciFinder is a research tool enabling the discovery of information on a number of fields such as biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, and materials science, through the CAS database. It also offers links to accessible full-text articles. (For using the SciFinder database for the first time, please click here and register using the registration form presented, and then confirm registration by clicking on the activation link to be provided in the e-mail to be sent after registration. An institutional e-mail address should be used for registration.)

  • Scopus

    Abstract and citation database

    The database covers abstracts and citations from 21 thousand academic journals, 86 thousand books, 6.8 million papers, and 27 million patents, as of 2015.

  • Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1983


    This social sciences reference tool provides high-quality indexing for a wide range of important journals in the humanities and social sciences, dating back to the early 1900s. Social Sciences Index Retrospective indexes approximately one million articles, including book reviews.

  • Springerlink

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Offers access to all Springer journals –numbering some 2073 including Russian and Chinese compilations–, with a catalog dating from 1997 to date. The number of open-access journals is 483. ADIS database containing pharmaceutical information and Springer Computer Science Books 2015 package containing 1019 books are also accessible. Furthermore, the collection is supplemented with the following archives which start with the 1st issues of the journals involved. The archives are accessible on a permanent basis.

    Arşiv Koleksiyonları

    Number of Journals

    Number of Volumes

    Humanities, Social Sciences and Law



    Computer Science



    Earth and Environmental Sciences



    Business and Economics



    Behavioral Science



    Biomedical & Life Science



    Chemistry & Material Science






    Mathematics & Statistics






    Physics & Astronomy





  • Swisslex

    Law, full-text

    SWISSLEX covers all rulings of Swiss Federal and Canton courts and regulations, as well as full-text of 40 major law journals, 300 commentaries and books, more than 200 dissertations on law, weekly updates on judicial activities, agreements and regulations as well as instructions pertaining to European law, as well as EuGH rulings etc.

  • Taylor & Francis Online Journals

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Access to the contents produced in the period 1997 to date, on 210 journals in the Medical Collection, and 1804 journals in a number of fields such as engineering, computer science, technology, business administration, economics, political science, international relations, mathematics, history, language, and literature.

  • Teacher Reference Center

    Education, abstract and citation database

    Indexes 300 peer-reviewed journals, and provides abstracts. The journals cover a number of fields including best practices, program development, pedagogic research, school management etc.

  • The American Society for Microbiology Journals (ASM)

    Medical journals, full text

    The American Society for Microbiology is the largest single life science society, composed of over 47,000 scientists and health professionals. ASM contains a total of 20 current journals including open access journals.

  • The Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    A unique full-text database supporting the study of the Belt and Road Initiative. It provides thousands of scholarly journals from dozens of countries covering business trends, infrastructure, research collaboration and trade opportunities related to the initiative. Content Includes: 4,900+ full-text journals, 50+ full-text newspapers and newswires, 260+ reports and conference proceedings, Full-text coverage dating back to 1965.

  • TR Dizin

    Bibliographic, full-text

    The details of the articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals of Turkey are offered over databases covering Engineering and Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Law and Social Sciences, along with links to online articles.

  • Turcademy Law, Engineering and Social Sciences & Humanities Packages

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    Turcademy offers full text access to academic publications from Turkey. Law, Engineering and Social Sciences & Humanities packages are available for access. The three packages include more than 6.000 titles.

  • UpToDate

    Decision support system for medicine

    An evidence-based clinical decision support system offering access to more than 10,500 topics compiled by more than 6,300 specialist physicians in 24 fields. UpToDate is updated continuously, and is designed to enable physicians in diagnosing conditions, developing treatment plans, and sharing clinical data quickly and effectively.

    To maintain access to UpToDate authentication is required through an entry in the campus or the hospital every 90 days.

    UpToDate Anywhere Guide Video Guides
    Mobile apps


  • Web News

    Full-text news

    Web News provides near real-time access to thousands of top news feeds from around the globe. This collection includes over 14,000 feeds across a range of topics.

  • Web of Science

    Abstract and citation database

    The citation indexes A&HCI SCI-Expanded, SSCI and ISI Conference Proceedings index 12,000 high-impact-ifactor journals and 160,000 sources of proceedings, covering the period from 1990 to date. A&HCI indexes 1700 journals, while CSI-Expanded indexes 8500, and SSCI indexes 3000. Due to some convergence between the indexes covering multi-disciplinary journals, the overall number of journals indexed is lower than the simple addition figure. ISI Conference Proceedings is updated on a weekly basis, with 400,000 papers presented in 12,000 meetings each year. Furthermore, links to articles in leading databases we have subscribed for are also provided.

    Book Citation Index (Science: 2005 – Present / Social Science & Humanities: 2005 - Present) : The Book Citation Index in Web of Science™ Core Collection connects a library’s book collection to powerful new discovery tools, giving researchers the ability to quickly and easily identify and access the most relevant books. As a part of Web of Science Core Collection, Book Citation Index allows users to search seamlessly across books, journals and conference proceedings to find the information most relevant to their work within one platform. (More than 60,000 books and an additional 10,000 new titles each year)

  • Westlaw International Classic

    Law, full-text

    Westlaw covers primary and secondary full-text legal sources of reference, such as regulations, case law, comments, legal commentaries, and journals from the US, Canada, UK, European Union and Pacific countries.

  • Wiley Online Library

    Multi-disciplinary, full-text

    EKUAL countrywide license comprises access to a multidisciplinary collection of 1485 journals covering life, health and physical sciences, social science and the humanities journals from 1997 to date. There are also 125 open access titles available. Most of the journals have impact factor and are indexed in JCR. 363 journals are in the top 10 in their fields, and Wiley articles are widely shared in 34 fields.

    Journals list as excel file with URLs 

  • World Politics Review

    International relations, full-text

    A daily online publication and resource for international relations, world politics and geopolitics. It contains approximately 9,000 articles that provide access to detailed analysis of global developments, in which media sources are not in-depth.