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As usual, tuition for graduate programs is charged in the time frames announced on the academic calendar, in three equal installments. In order to be able to access the registration screen, Master's and Ph.D. students should pay the tuition for the Fall Semester of academic year 2017-2018 between 7 and 25 August. In this context, you are recommended to pay the applicable installment of the tuition before 5 September, 2017 –the date on which the course registration screen will be made accessible–, in order to allow timely course registration. Late registration fee: This fee applies for Master's and Ph.D. students (including those on scholarship) of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Such students will not be allowed to access the registration screen without registration approval, even if they pay the fee.


• The payments can be made on Garanti Bank’s Internet Site, using the Payments -> Institution -> University -> TOBB ETÜ menu hierarchy, and entering the citizen ID number,

• Via Garanti Bank branches (using bank transfer), and reminding the teller that the payment is to be deposited via institutional payments menu for TOBB Economics and Technology University, with institution code "144”, 

 Via other banks (using EFT), by entering the name, surname and the citizen ID number of the student in the note field. (IBAN No: TR10 0006 2000 7780 0006 2987 41)

Using credit card, at the university’s Financial Affairs department located at the address “Söğütözü Caddesi No:43 Söğütözü ANKARA”, using any bank credit card (except AMEX), as a lump sum.

Students living outside Ankara are provided the option to pay with their credit cards, by filling out and signing the attached Mail Order Form and sending it to the fax number 0312 292 40 97 or scanning the form and sending it via e-mail to


Through cooperation between Garanti Bank and TOBB ETÜ, the parents of our students are offered the option to receive loans for amounts in the range TRY 1,000 - 17,500, payable in 4 installments, subject to an interest rate of 1.15%. Life insurance fee rate is 0,015 (one and a half percent) over the loan figure, covering a period of 4 months. The loan processing fees, on the other hand, will be 0.005 (five per mille) over the loan figure. No further interest or commission charges apply. The full figure or a part of the tuition payable can be covered by the loan to enable payment in installments. The repayment of the loan will start after one month to follow the installment option application, and will be deposited in the account to be specified by the bank, in 4 installments. The students and parents who want to pay the first part of the tuition in 4 installments with the assistance of the bank should contact Garanti Bankası A.Ş, Emek branch. The bank requires income certificates (photocopy of tax chart or payroll) and civil registry ID card for extending the installment option. For detailed information you can contact Garanti Bank’s Emek branch by calling (312) 296 52 00 – 296 52 13 – 296 52 14 - 296 52 15- 296 52 16.