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Political Science and International Relations Student Conference which is jointly organized by TOBB ETU, TED University and Başkent University, will take place on March 14, 2018 at TED University. At the conference on “Global System, Civilian Forces, Peaceful Policies: Experiences, Problems and Strategies”, the undergraduate and graduate students of the three universities of Political Science and International Relations will have the opportunity to discuss different topics.


Time: 13.00

Panel 1: Facing the Past, Looking at the Future with Hope

Bora Kalkay: A Country of Hope for the World - Rwanda's Struggle for Peace and Democracy (TED University Undergraduate Student)

Berke Şengül: The Effort of Post War Germany to Face its Past: The Anatomy of the Transformation of the Militarist Security Culture (TOBB ETU Undergraduate Student)

Yağmur Ertürk: The Concept of Transforming Power in International Relations, Tools and USA (Başkent University Undergraduate Student)

Moderator: Melisa Gündüz (Başkent University European Union and International Relations Institute, International Relations Graduate Student)

Time: 14.00

Panel 2: Thinking of Different Domestic and Foreign Policy Samples from Different Continents

Selahattin Can: Canadian Foreign Policy from Saint-Laurent to Trudeau (Başkent University Undergraduate Student)

Ahmet Dalgın: Free Wing of South Africa Flying to Hope: Nelson Mandela (TED University Undergraduate Student)

İbrahim Akkaş: “Cool Japan”Policy: Looking at Anime through International Relations (TOBB ETU Graduate Student)

Moderator: Sabiha Nur Meç (TOBB ETU Graduate Student)

Time: 15.00

Panel 3: New Policies in the Path of Peace and New Actors

Neslişah Baykaldı: How did two Germany unite? Why couldn't two Korea Unite? (TOBB ETU Undergraduate Student)

Selay Varlı: EU Between Soft Power and Hard Power: Case Study of PESCO Project (Başkent University Undergraduate Student)

İzel Halkalı: Women in the Path of Peace- Palestine: The Case of Israel (TED University Undergraduate Student)

Moderator: Ege Berk Kiraz (TED University Undergraduate Student)

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