Zeynep Sena Duran and Esra Çelik played an active role in the publication activities of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies during their tenure there within the framework of the Cooperative education program, and had their pieces published in the Ministry’s magazine.

Zeynep Sena Duran’s piece titled “The Rebirth of the Çanakkale Spirit: 15th of July” co-authored with Muhammed Uçar was published in Aile magazine’s issue July-August-September 2016.

Esra Çelik’s piece titled “Turquoise in a Cage” penned with Hüseyin Sönmezay, on the other hand was published on the 4th issue of the children’s magazine named Sevgi Bir Kuş, along with yet another piece by the author, titled, “The Turkish World”. We want to congratulate our students for their achievements.