Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any exchange programs in place?

There is an exchange program in place. You may contact the Directorate of Foreign Relations for details on the matter.

Can I enroll by way of additional placement?

In the event the quotas set are not filled, you may enroll by way of additional placement subject to the additional quotas declared to ÖSYM (Measuring, Selection and Placement Center) if your score is sufficient.

Do I have to pay any fees for freezing my registration?

If you intend to take a leave of absence for the one full academic year, you should pay the half of the annual tuition fee and file an application for leave of absence. If you intend to take a leave of absence for one single semester, you should pay the half of the tuition fee applicable for the semester and file an application for leave of absence.

Do scholarship and non-scholarship students undergo the same education?

All students receive education under the same conditions together in the same classrooms, and any discrimination based on scholarship status is not at issue about the quality of the education provided.

Does TOBB ETÜ has its own dormitory facilities for students?

We have a Student Guesthouse, designed in two separate blocks, one for exclusively for female and the other exclusively for male students.

Does TOBB ETÜ have double major / minor programs?

Our directives on double major and minor programs are available in the section, titled Directives, on the page Regulations, under the tab Student Affairs of our website at

Does TOBB ETÜ provide any course program prior to the English proficiency exam?

No, TOBB ETÜ does not provide any such course program.

How much is the annual tuition fee?

The annual tuition fee applicable for the academic year 2017-2018 is TRY44,400 for the School of Medicine, and TRY33,120 for any of the other programs.

In what cases is the entitlement for scholarship terminated?

The period of scholarship for the students, who are registered as scholarship students, is limited to eight academic years for the students, who attend to the School of Medicine, and to five academic years plus one additional semester for the students, who attend any of the other programs.

Is English proficiency exam compulsory?

English proficiency exam is compulsory for admission to any program at TOBB ETÜ. The students, who successfully pass the English proficiency exam, are entitled to directly take the courses of the relevant department. The students, who fail at the same, are required to attend the English language preparatory class.

Is entitlement to exemption from relevant courses granted in the cases of transfer from another university or shift from one department of TOBB ETÜ to another?

Exemption is granted in accordance with the Undergraduate Education/Teaching and Exams Regulation of TOBB ETÜ.

What are the requirements for admission to TOBB ETÜ?

TOBB ETÜ admits students according to the admission requirements for undergraduate transfer students and the admission requirements for international students.

What are the scholarship opportunities?

Information on the scholarship opportunities are available on the page, titled Scholarships, under the tab Prospective Students on our website.

What are the terms of payment? Is it possible to pay the tuition fee in installments?

The tuition fee is payable in three installments and at the beginning of each semester on the re-registration dates as specified within the Academic Calendar. The tuition fee may be paid in maximum three equal installments.  Payment by credit card requires contacting the relevant bank.

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