Required Application Documents

1. Passport Size Photo

2. Copy of the Passport ID Page 

A notary or Turkish Embassy certified copy of the Turkish translated passport page which shows the credentials.

3. Copy of the exam result 

A certified copy of the exam result which can be obtained from notaries or Turkish Embassies abroad.

* You may submit your SAT scores directly to TOBB ETÜ using the code 7858 through College Board.

Browse International Exams and Minimum Scores 

Browse National Exams and Minimum Scores 

4. Sealed and approved official transcript of the high school courses and grades

An approved transcript by the high school principal, showing the courses taken in high school, should be provided with a certified copy obtained from notaries or Turkish Embassies abroad.

5.If avaliable, the copy of the high school diploma (optional)

A certified copy of the high school diploma

6.Letter of Intent 

Briefly explain your expectations from undergraduate education; your future goals and objectives. Specify why you want to study the programs you have chosen at TOBB ETÜ. 

Your letter of intent should not exceed 500 words.

7. Two Letters of Recommendation 

Two letters of recommendation written by the student's high school teachers

8.If avaliable, a copy of the English language proficiency exam score (optional) 

9.If avaliable, a copy of the Turkish language proficiency exam score recognized (optional) 

10.Other (Evidence of Financial Information)

Documents proving financial sufficiency for living expenses such as the tuition fee, accommodation, and food during the university education (12.500TL annually)