Campus Life

1. Accommodation

TOBB ETÜ Guesthouse

TOBB ETÜ houses the best student guesthouse of Ankara! It's a 5-minute walk from our education buildings in our main campus, so you can attend your lectures in no time. For you to feel as comfortable as when you're home, each room accommodates maximum three students. Every room includes a separate bathroom with hot water 24 hours a day; as well as a separate study desk for each student; and offers a unique view of the Ankara landscape for you to enjoy and relax. International student applications to TOBB ETÜ Guesthouse is prioritized.

The guesthouse is built on a 36.5-acre plot in four blocks with all the comforts for girls and boys in the campus. The guesthouse has a total of 624 rooms including 572 double, 48 triple, and 4 handicapped rooms with a seating capacity of 1296 students.

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2. Dining Facilities

The main building in campus houses two restaurants, a patisserie and a convenience store; while our school of foreign languages and our dormitories also include a restaurant each. Meal options include fixed menu and convenience foods, as well as open buffet option on the first floor of the school of foreign languages. In addition to the daily baked cakes and desserts in the patisserie at the school, our campus includes a coffeehouse of a widely famous coffee maker, Starbucks.

3. Sports

Indoor Sports Center

You can keep fit during lecture breaks with our professionally administered sports facilities which include an Olympic swimming pool, Finnish baths, sauna (which offers a view of the pool), showers and locker rooms.

TOBB ETÜ students can benefit from the facilities for free.

University Teams

TOBB ETÜ creates a space for students that enables them to engage with the sports branch they wish to do. You can choose to be a part of Basketball, Volleyball or Football Team as well as specialize in martial arts such as Aikido.

4. Student Clubs and Activities

At TOBB ETU, students' activities are only limited by their imagination. Univeristy hosts many student clubs. You can join Radio ETU which broadcasts online; join the Latin dance club or photography club. You can attend the leadership camp organized by our Endüstri Verimlilik community and meet well-known people at our "İş'te adamım" events.

TOBB ETÜ has first and only university social network in Turkey: ORTAM.

ORTAM includes approximately 70 student communities, activities and sports teams. It is a news feed for game schedules and community activities which keep the University spirit alive.

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5. Transportation

Service vehicles and public transport

TOBB ETÜ main campus and hospital, located in the center of Ankara, Sogutozu. Students access the university campus on weekdays with services and also intra-day rings are available. Hours of service and ring route and vehicles access, you can find all information at our transport page.

Except for our services, there are two different EGO bus stops in front of our main campus, providing access to the Çukurambar and Beşevler. In addition to this, bus line set to start every day from 6.45 to 23.00, it serves between the Kızılay-Bahcelievler-Emek-Sogutozu districts .You can call a taxi from TOBB ETU Taxi stop with an electronic device just in front of our campus.

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