Study in Ankara


Ankara is located in the heart of Turkey, and with its close to 5.5 million population, it is the second most populous city in the country. There are many public institutions, defense industry and private companies in the capital. Ankara is considered one of the largest student cities in the world, hosting 21 universities and around 300.000 students.

Living in Ankara is easy and cheap for students. Advanced transportation and accommodation, lively social and cultural life and diversity of work make Ankara an attractive city for students both during and after graduation.

Social Facilities / Cultural Activities

Ankara is home to numerous events from business to art, from education to sports, and the pace of life never falls. With the advantage of being a student and civil servant city, you can find a cultural event at any time of the year in Ankara.

You can participate in open-air cinemas and exhibitions at CerModern, watch plays on the stages of the Ankara State Theaters, enjoy music with the Ankara Presidential Orchestra, go to the opera at the historic Ankara State Opera and Ballet. You can also visit museums related to the old Turkish history, the War of Independence and the aftermath and examine Turkish history closely and go to modern art museums to satisfy your soul.
You can attend festivals in many different areas throughout the year.
Moreover, you can learn about our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey and our Independence War by visiting the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's mausoleum in Anıttepe.

Parks / Lakes / Natural Beauty

Ankara is home to many natural beauties. In every corner of the city, there are natural areas where you can relax and be surrounded by nature.

You can have fun with your friends in Kuğulu Park and Seğmenler Parkı, which is close to the main square Kızılay. You can spend time in Botanic Park or you can tour around the Eymir Lake by bike or have a picnic in Kurtuluş Parkı. You can go to the historical Ankara Castle and watch the city from all angles and visit the historical houses in Hamamönü.

Shopping / Malls

There are many shopping centers in Ankara where you can meet your needs such as food, clothing, nutrition and also have fun with cinema and game centers. You can shop at Armada, which is a 5-minute drive and a 15-minute walk away from our school, and you can participate in many activities, especially concerts and exhibitions at Armada Hayat Sokagı, which is located in front of the shopping center. Kentpark and Cepa on the Eskişehir road and Kızılay Shopping Mall are also shopping centers close to TOBB ETU. You can meet your book and notebook needs from bookstores and stationery in Kızılay-Olgunlar.

Social Life

In Ankara, besides cultural and business life, there are many places for students to socialize. You can find the opportunity to spend time with friends in many places such as Sakarya Street, Bahçelievler 3rd and 7th Street, Palestine, Argentina and Tunalı.


In terms of being a student city, Ankara provides many opportunities for housing with its affordable and safe neighborhoods. Bahçelievler, Emek, 100. Yıl are the majör student neighbourhoods providing both easy transportation and social opportunities. These settlements are in easy commute to Ankara Metro, Ankaray, numerous EGO, Private Public Bus and minibuses. Söğütözü Neighborhood stands out with its proximity to our school. Many TOBB ETÜ students prefer Söğütözü for its location and safety.