Tuition Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

Tuition Fees

Program Tuition
Undergraduate Programmes  12.000 USD
School of Medicine 16.800 USD
English & Turkish Preparatory School  12.000 USD


Tuition fees according to the year of entrance


Scholarship Opportunities

Successful applicants will be considered for TOBB ETÜ Scholarships: Full Scholarship, %75 Scholarship, %50 Scholarship and %25 Scholarship. TOBB ETÜ may offer only tuition scholarships. Currently no dormitory or supplementary scholarships are offered to international students. Foreigners moving from other countries to Turkey will have priority if they apply to stay in TOBB ETÜ dormitories.

* Scholarship opportunities differ for School of Medicine.

Scholarship Tuition (Except School of Medicine)
Full Tuition Scholarship 0 USD
%75 Tuition Scholarship 3.000 USD
%50 Tuition Scholarship 6.000 USD
%25 Tuition Scholarship 9.000 USD


Türkiye Scholarships 

Türkiye Scholarships is a scholarship program supported by the Turkish Government which provides financial support for international students in their intended program of study at selected Turkish universities.

Türkiye Scholarships offers support to students from all countries who wish to pursue undergraduate, master and Ph.D. programs at Turkish universities. It also supports academicians and post-doctoral researchers to collaborate with Turkish researchers.

Please check the Türkiye Scholarships website for detailed information.

Türkiye Scholarships Call Center: 0 850 455 0 982

E-mail address: