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Dear Students, 

SPE Special Purpose English Courses will be opened for students of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences during the 2016-2017 SUMMER period. These courses, which are opened only for the students of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, include the usage of English (field terminology and subjects) specific to this field. The course will take place 4 hours in total, on weekdays and 3 credits will be offered. The quota of the course is limited and the students who want to take the course can take it during the summer registration of the 2016-17 Semester (2-5 May). Course content is as follows;
IMI 101: The aim of the Special Purpose Vocational English course for the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is to teach the students English Terms and Subjects about ther field which will help them both during undergraduate and graduate education. The aim of the course is to improve the students’ knowledge of English in the field of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Within the scope of the course, students are expected to use English in a more effective way by using a textbook that includes speech, writing, reading and listening skills and terminology knowledge, and to improve themselves by expressing themselves better. 

Best of Luck.